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. ~ . ' Law-giver, then becaufe t~ fame God commands one as well as the other, I will obey one ·as well as the other. Hence 9AmeJCbap.4· arguing from.thisconfideration, -He th~tt[aid, Thy jlu.lt not kjll; /aid aifo, 'Thou foalt not c~mm~tadultery; makes this condtl!ion, whtch ha th ahadh found mour ears, He that brtakes one u guilt) if all: t hat is, fay Divines,quoad vinct~lum formate, the divin~ au~hority and command is vio– lated in all,if you break one: as in fome excellent Image, de– face one part and you fpoire thew~ole harmony. Hence! D•.~ - · - · 'Vid,Pfal.1 19. arguetb, d1at then only a mao_.foa/1 s1ot bt cor.– founded. When he hath ·refpeCl to a!i the Commandtments-oJ God: where obfcrve, that a partiall refpea .will breed-confufion, that is, frufiration of aJI our._ hopes and defires :concerning bleffcdndfc ~ and then he calls it obedienc~, an having re(pctl tB Gods- Commandements-, which doth not only denote meer · fimple obedience; but acarefull and diligent attention of the'- - . ' foul thereunto. Thus ZachlfrJ and Eli"'4htthha\'e aglorious commendation, that they were righteous, Wall~jng in all the– Cemmandements ofGoel,Luk. I. They were rigllteous, vi:t::.. not perfeCtly and adequattly to the command of God, but in re- - fpea of-the univcrfality of parts of obedience, though not of . degrees, and thefe properties lhall fuffice in refpect ofan be&rt devoid ofguile rowards God : I flu11 further infiance: in fome,- ' p_a.uiculars of an heart without this dcceitfullleaven in r.e. -fpca ofman,and fo lhall have done CharaCleriLing ofit. . ' , And firft, A man ~ithout Guile in re[pefl of cthers, u one , 17~ 'Who[t love i& he11rty Andindeed,not in 'f',rord,and meerly verbal/ or Aman w.ith ~ complemental!. John the beloved ofChrifl,who (peaks fo much ~~~t 1 Guile of love, doth antidote againfi this: Ltt m net lrwe inWord1.n- · U::n i~";e:t! IJ,hut in truth';and in deedalfo, I Job,3·18. An&Rom.u. Let not vc 1 baW love be Without diJlimulation. This is a great matter, and few only· --··· c~n abide this touchfione : Mens bearts are roots of hemlock, full of gall, when their mouthes run over witp honey; !Mhs s.. Jve,and arudafes4ve,are fuch love, that w~are to pray God . to delinr us from:_To bc.cray·with akiffe, is ordinary deceit in this world,. where moft men go with viz~rds upon them• . David was much infefted with fuch kinde of deceitfull men, 'Wht/e 'Words 'Were/m~other then hutter, but their hums Were a& fo~trp .'