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. To the Reader~ t~tonflt~nt, total tJnti quietfobmijfion tD it. D4vid in the matterof Uriah hadhypocrifie andguileGf heart, evem prevailing over him, but it was contrary to the princi– ples of grace within, and ther~forc fin did not ,alwaies keep durable andquiet poffeffion. Infomuch that a dif– ferenceh to be made about a godly mans fins of infir... mities; fomc are ordir1a~y, but fome (fuch as D.t.vids we mentioned) are cxttaordinary; in thefe finne hatll more reigning power, yet it can never obtain a full and quiet poffdlion. Thefeobfervatjons I commend to that Chrifiian, who {ball with all care fall upon that duty of fearching the deceitfulnefs of his heart. By this light his holy tremblingwillnot interrupt his joy, nor will his Evan– gelical joy abate his godIy trembling. But as it is. in matter of dotl:rin~ to be believed, it's our duty to try . and feareh, yet for all that we rnnfi nor be lcepticks, but hold fafi the truth ; {o in matters to be practHed, we are to difcern and make a diff..:: rence between trutb and .counterfeit, yet we mufi not be alwaies inconftant, never perfwaded in our hearts. . I !lJallcondude, when I have advertifed thee that fome corrective alter~tions and additional explications might conveniently be applied to fome pa!lages in the ·Book, but my remot~ difiance from the Printer, did abfolutely prohibit it. Therefore what is prefenced to thee, improve it practically, remembring that of our Saviour,!{ye know theft things) happy.areyeif ye do1hernl ::folm13.17. I refi, smton·Coldft 'd De'-9·I6f3. Thy hearty well-wil1er A "D~ . N. T H 0 N Y v\li'R O:E S-s. • ¥P -