Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

9 tr' oj·vprightneffi 1[Be4rt, you muft lla'(e a·n ~ye botli to the promifes ~nd to thofe threatnisg5 both totether: and i.nde~ed fecing there it no up· - right man, but he either-fails in the caufe be undertakes, or in the manner ofmanaging ir,or in the ends he propofeth.to him– f~lf; this may well jufiifieand clear God, though the upright m,eet fometimes with 1harpcorrfCl::ions. · Thirdly, In the fulfi !ling oftemporall promifes,we.mull not lim~t"God to every·individuall perfo~:~, nor to e"ery moment of time: God bath his time, .wherein he will honour and clear upright men, we muO: not defir~ God lhould break off his work~befqre he hatb made an end ofit; 7be endBjthe upright · m.an, ts it was wi1;h Y~ob, U. pe~~ce. The world at firif: was a con.· fufed Chaos, but at the end ·()f fix dayes, it was a curious world ; (hould a man· ta·ke a text of Scripture,- and make a-· full lh>pwhere there is but an impe-rfeCt'one, Ire would make it fpeak blaf~hemy.: As in that- place, Tkou gzrt not 11 God that . hR-]1-.pleafureininiquity: ifyoufhould make afull fiopatT.ho.u art not "" God, and go no furt'hcr, it would be heynous blafphemy. Thus in tbe prolidence of God,its ~n high crime, to make a period where there is a comma only; .to think God; bath done,when yet: he is in his work; but this fubject is often t-reated of. V fe of Exhortation: Let' all thefe motives make thee in love with a fincere heart : you fee its'a rich rreafure, a firong ·. fort; and .though inJJJ tim~s all fhould be loft, 'yet this like Ruth to NAomj, fajth; 'Whe,.:t thou liveft.l Will five; "Where thQU , difj1 1 "Will-die, it will never·forfake thee: a drGp of this at the , bQur 'Ofde~th,is betccr, then an ocean ofearthly pt:ofiu. ,