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And A jjirlt withtfl auu(_.}: yet not according to knowledge indeed, vi~ .. that knewledge, which is to be bad from the Word, and berem Iyeth the very ctfence,and nry fundamental$. of all fuch mens mifcarriagcs: We blame not Paul. or fHch like him, for cold and lukewarm affe8:ion5; we accufe them not that they go againfi their _ju·dgemcnts, and their own Hght that thineth in their brcafi; . . but herein we arraigne them, that i~ all this they arc not di- . rettcd by the word .of God: the Word ofGod bath often this epithete, that it is right; as they are exceeding true in tbemfclves, fo thc:y arc the rule of all truth :' All Religion· mufi be Scripcure Religion, all worfhip Scripture wotfh1p;all zeal Scripture zeal; fo that let aman have never fuch 'fublime knowledge, and fuch burniPg zeal, .Yet ifit be not according to the Law and the Tefiimony,there is no light in them, Ifa.S. 16. Its but a vain worfhip of God, bccaufe God dotb not re– quire this as our Saviour infiruCleth,Matth. 15 .9. fo that the fumme ofall~ and that into which all Religion mutt be refol'· ved inte at laft,is the Scriptures,the word ofGod ; for if you · once lay this afide, why fhould not the Turkith-devotion be as good as thine ? why fhould not the Mahumetan zeal be as acceptable as thine~ but only t_bis makes the difference; what may be proved by Scripture is-appron\l of by God;fo that all thofe arguments, Its my cenfcience, I verily thin/() am bound t'O de thm.: Its upon my f}irit: I ftnd-e much comfort ~tndmuch fweetnej[e inm) Rtli[,ion; all this is nothing, for all falfe reli– gions can and do fay this: ,but liathhou the word ofGod to warrant thee? doth that joHifie thee? ·all ·things elfe ue · but .an CH'pty fhadow·~ Tliis is the firfi ar:d·tbc m2:in thinr• . z. S11ch,dev.out he~r!J menare.mt regenerate, becau{e t/1~ ~-· 2 ; , uve of 11ll thnr re!tg$om ~eal ~but humane:, not from diVIDe The motive, . and -fupernaturaB graces, not from faith in Gods word but of all tbeir tradition, cufiom, and.--education : 1f you bad asked f ;ut in Religious :z.-eal ·· t~iso ho.t Judaifme,he was in, vyhat madehim fo aCl:ive? why ·is but hpmane.;--– du:l he rue thus up~nd dowa hke amad, man-eo opprdfe and evcrwhclme the ChriH:ia5s? he would have faid, Ze'al for ~ God~'ace~rding tothetrlld.itionofbu Fdthers: 'Thus Afls·z,.,z. he th'credcdaretb 1 that 'he·was taught "'~ording to·rheexl'lfl m<~nner 6fthe f~thers, and zealousasthey were tothischy. p 3 ThllS ·"' / '