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~?JJ A ?Pirit with9Ut {;uilt....~; . and fdf-Battery, no fioncs are more fenceldfe, thenthey ate of fuch ~ollutions within them ; There is no fuch rouchfi~ne to difcover whether amaRbe rtgenerared or know any thmg experimentally of the work of grace, as t-lle und~rflanding of . fpirit .defilements, bewailing_them., :nd. breathmg .affer an heart-godlinelfe. .The heart ts all m f'up~.rnatur~Js as ~ell ~s narurals: Arc thy finfull thoughts, affecrtOns, corrupt.mten: · tions and fuch invifible motions of the heart .towards tin an · heavy burden to thee? This arguetb a life of grace withi-n, . but Paul in the midfi of all his adive zeal feJt.not the le~fi. of this inward foul-bitterncffe. . JU ' ' . , 4; S~:~ch ~eala.ndheart) atfe£liohJ ~reyet imperfeEl, becim{e . 4 ·the) are alw11ies ac:cmpaniedWith an heart-fulmjfe, \Vith af.ufl!- They a;e full; tienf) ofonrown r•ghteott{nejfe; PaN/ fpeaks pregn:tptly co,thts of felf-ri o hre~ matter, Phi/. 3·where recko.ning up ~is ~rivil edg~s~ ,~pd al_l ~is 'oufneife: 0 . ~ealou5 forw~rdnesfor t-h,~ L'aw,wh!~h.tn ap _h~~u,ne account were great t·htngs,no godlmefs or happtmeis hke .that ,;hedot h · reeounce all tnis feeming worth with great difda ln, calli ng · fuch things dung and drojfe for the excellency ofthe righteou/nc(s through faith in Chrift; and whereindid the PhariJee$ fm mor~ ·· " rtMnife!t it [elf then in fe)f. righteouf~effe? oh.' rqep do nQ~ . rpatrerall the greateft devotions, the moft humbfe..and obfequiOu$expreffions o(Religion, if there be not a denial of all chefe for Chrifu Righteo1;1fndfe- Giv-e me an adive zealous man.that yet bteatbtth after .and only loflgeth for , Chrifis fulneffe, That ~~n.not be. ~it.hout <;hi:iij, That mour· taeth and praietb after 'Ciirifi : A:Wt he fa!fe iear an\L religion tliat is in the worla, doth life up and fpirimaHy inllame: It'•s a difeafe, a tumour, or fwelling in amans foul, They doe ._· not throw away all (bat Chrifi: alone.Inay he wifedOI'f\, .righ– ttoufncf[e, and /anBification. It pleafcd God that t~ll JN.Ine{{e . foould dweO in Chrifl, and that . We (bos-tldbe complfat in him.: Now there is no falfe wor'lhip or Relig~otlin t.he wo~ld hiM i~ . leadeth a man to afuf.ndfe and.acompleata.elfe in aman~ felf or in the zealous works he dotb .for God: Infomuch tha~ · this is one (peciaU mark wh~rcby we -difcern the divinity of the .Scriptures, and their immed iate infpiration ·t;y the _hQly Ghoft~ , c·hat contrary: to .al'.l Pbilo.fi>phy-_ alld humane reafon ,