Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

':fhe Contents} S l! au. J I. More Signs and Demonfi:ratioas of the Deccitfulnefs · of the Hearc.. · · S • a u. I I I. An Infiancc of the Deceicfulnefs and Guile of the , Heart a~1utfin . Saau. IV. Another Inftance of the Hearts Deceitfulnefs ;,. thu matter 'Df ll.tpe•t~»&t. ·-- ·~ SIll M. V. ~he third great Inftance 0f the Hearts Deceit in the matterof Reljgiqnilltl111'.J1and abouc: Rellgiofll Dfl· lies inpMt~cNlar. · " s .... M. VI. The lafr great Inftancc of the Deceitfulnefs of the - Heart, ison tht right hA11rJ1 and proper onely to' the _Godly. s BR :u. VII. The wofull Aggravations of chc Dcceitful!Jeifc:_of · mans 'Heart. _ _ - _ $BCT! ....__ ··- w \.