Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

'Iht grell ExAlters of Gr,sc(;j: multiplied everyday, fo there mnft be mu Idplied pardons; 4. · Lafily, Thefrunef{e of thu p~irdon, mufl needs draw out the ;The freen~fk af{elliot;Jof 1t hrok._en htart : For thofe words, Who o~tn under· ~f i.f. [Iandhuerrors ? Who can finde out aU his filth ? (and if he canaot undc:rfland it, he cannot _cleanfe bimftlf from all), could never be 3nfwered bot for free mercy: Amanwould be - left in eternal! defpair, and never get ont, did- not the free grace of God io forgiveneffe interpofe. -Oh then how t~rrible - mufi it be, for a foul to be brough~ into fuch a wilderneffe, that he can findcno way out: To be pluaged into fuch dark holes, that he c~nnot fee a-ny:Hght !. yet this ·is the cafe of every man difcovering finne within him,till God cleanfehim,: :[le is as the man that fa \V grt-at Armies againll: him, full of fear and defpair, till his eyes opened, that he can fee more for, ' .. , . : him,theri againl.t him. V fe of Infirutlion, Why it is that mens defires, affetlions~ and all their endeavours are after earthly and worldly things : This is the caufe they feel no wan£ but of them: They apprco bend nothingamifery,but to be without thefe thing_s;where– as if thy hear* were neuftetled with thy horrible and un.;– fpeakable pollution, nothing in the world could content thee– but Chrift, nothing could fatisfie thee but ~race. Come to the poor malefatlor, that is going to his 4readfuU execution., its not the beR food, .. the beR rayment that he regards; but bring him a pardon, and then you comfort him. Thus it is, with aman fenfible of his finnes, and wearied under them; tell him.of.his honours; ofhis eftate,hecriethou~ Thefe art miferable comforters ; but oh· if he could' rnjoy €hr.ifi, if bis finnes were forgiv-en, though his-food were bread and– water, and his. houfe a poor cottage, yet he tltould ac– c.ount one acont~nuall feafi,and the other an Heaven. Thou then who art aworm snd.no man (in this fcnfe-) living on· ly on earthly coinforcs, who art wholly taken up with' worldly tllingt, -Oh little doef\: thou.know what thou wan· tell: There is one more neccffary thing then .all this eartho– ly greatndfe! .and.that is. a- pardo~f-or thee. What !lould: 7w1M have g1ven, to have had h1s finne covered by Gods ~ ~race? ~d Pfa/~3 -~!. !Ja'!f-id ly~h ~anguithin~ and pining– awa~