Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

· 'I'h1 great Exalters of Grttcb: God made tbefe meltings and troubles of foul at firll, fo the fame Spirit doth Ileal and comfort : That which was the JPi-. rit of bond.zge, is now the jpirit ofadoptiM; That which made US wirh groan! HnHtterablf cry OUt, Oh Wretched jinner that [ am, the fame makes us cry Abba-Fnther: fo that he which wounded will alfo heal. This fpiricuall exercife and agony of agodly man, is not begun or.finifhed by humane firengch or - confiderations. Wb'en therefore at any time,the Spirit ofGod convinceth of finne, and dl eh not direCt to faith and comfort, then is tbe hearcufman in wofulldarkne1fe; then itcrieth ou.i, my jinnes are greater then1can bear, his foul is in bitter pangs and travell,but cannot bdng forth. From hence therefore we fuall take an occalion to handle this quefiiori, Whether the prNn·hing fo much abo'ut the Guile and hypocrijie of the Ht_art, be mt an occajion, to takf off from the life offaith,cmdjfiJ in evangelical/ promi[ts, for We can hard– ly minde the one but \\Je forget the other? Though David was thus plunged in the depth of his £innes, and yet could cry out for grace, y_~t many have not the flrength as he had: I {hall therefore lhew,bow this fltce1fary fubjcd: is to be treated on, viz. The unfearchahle depth ofJinne in a mans heatt, and yet no flop be put w a Gofpei life, and the fpirituall imhracements of Chri{f onely. Now I conclude with ao Admonition, to wicked mtn cffver.ed over With fin nejet feeling no burden,cry not out for any deliverance: How is ic thou a.rt become thus Llupid l There is much wickedne1fe of thine, it needs no feirching out: It nn· not be hid from thy eye!;, thou canll: not turn thy face from it,and yet thou feekefi: not to l,e cleanfed.Doth David bewail the fins he cannot, finde out? doth be intreat to be cleanfed from fuch finnes be doch not yet know in himfelf, and thou knowe£1: many grievous Mns ~y thy felf? They come into thy minde every Sermou,and yet thou feeke£1: not eut to be c;lean.. fed. Doell thou prefume eo come to @od in holy duties, be· fore thou art roofed from fuch noifome pollutions.. Is not the hourand d-ay yet to come, that ever thou didfl with for· , row and mourning of fpirit pray to God, that be would de.anfe thee? !~~ ~~~m~~t~ !!~ ~~~. ~~~vy(they fay) in their pro-:._pe~