Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

The grelfl ExAltersofGraci:.); ceitJNfl/uft.s ~~our l'¥1n heart!, U~~ impedimeHt of, hut a fur~ therance t6 that exceUent life ofthe GojjJtl, and drpendance upon the CovenAnt of grace• . Aman may at the fame time Jive the life of faith through ch-e righceoufndfe of Chrifi, yet walk -with an holy fear and trembling, lefi he he an hypocrite ~t: cafhway; and fo there may be fuch a folid and well metho– d.iud preaching about the unfearchable errors. of a mans heart, the cxaetneife ofgrace, the difficulty·ofdifc~rning be,. ' twcen truth and counterfeiting in good works; that alfo may fwcctly complywith, and even embrace all that gl'Orious and comfortable lif-e, which arifeth from Gofpel priviledgcs. The ronnexi9n ofDavids fad expofiulation, with this vehe– ment petition, doth afford a proper occ~lion, to removeth~c llumbling block, which now more then ever is laid in fome mens wayes, viz:.. That its enough in our preaching, to exale thegloriom offices ofChrift, to de(cribe him onely crucified, 11nd a[cended into Heaven, With all the admirable ej{tfts thereof: and _ as1 ,for prdfing this doCtrine about the heart-work fo mncb, to be daily ranf:rcking into the differences oft~uth and hypo.J Grifie ! This they think is to keep people, in alow~ lcgall and, defpondent way: .They think we onely give water aad not wine to drink-: They think us fuch unnaturall fathers, that when our children call for bread,we give them afione .: They think we wrong our people,. by keeping. them on mount Cal– v4rJ, reprcfenting to their thoughts, onely fad and difcon– folatc objeCts, never taking them. up to the mount of tranf. figuration. · This is greatly ltood upon in thcfe dayes, as if many Minifiers were having their people even into Egypt again, or kct-ping them in the wilderncffe,by uncomfor.ta.ble darkneffe about the Law and duties,. and not putting them into the Land ·ot;canaan. It will therefore be very feafonable to the times, and ·not impertincnt~to the text in hand, to fhew; That ~tdRe flndfoNnd managing of the neceffary Point of felf-tx~tmination, and crmftant fearching into QNr[elves, itft anj fa/fe W~J he in m,u Wonderfully conjiftent 'With the life ofFaith; . yea 'it-nd JUaefariiJ coherent, With that joyfull~tnd comfortable "WAikjng the qo{pel doth req~ire ; and that aMinifttr -or apar... ' ticNlar Chriftit!n doth hHt h111j hu Work.. that .doth not lit/end te , . . ~ 3, · b.ot~ .