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1 7 s 'Ilia gf'itJI txttltert of Gr4c6: within us 'i This then mull be granted, that when the godly are acquainted with the truth of grace in themfelves, they are th~n to feek out further for Chrill, and the Covenmt of / grac~,as that !-'hieh is the chief duty in Chr,ifiia~ity. Be not· then alwayes tn the way,defire to be at the Jourmes end. · 3· Our Cfl'f'efuildiftinguifoing !Jetween the truth ofgrac-e, and– the counttrfet if' it, Will not prejudice the life offaith, iffo be,\Ve Jo nfJt mak! themCd.u{es t~ re{l upenfor our juftificatirm andpar– lion ofjinne. It was the great complaint.of the Apoftle, that' fome falfe teachers taught juftiftcation by the Wer k! ofthe law, Gal. 2. and as many as did fo, he faid, they were fallen ftrJm Chrift: and thus if any put truft in thei·r own righteoufneffe,. they do not only feek to finde grace in their lives, but put fiOnfiden~e alfo in it afterwards ;. this man fets up a DagQn - :againflahe Ar~, he fets up fomething in Chrills room; he· goeth about with the Jews to efiablifh his own righteouf– neffe, and then no wonder. if he never come to prize a Go· fprl-righteoufneff'e; but if the godly look for the prefence only; as being neceffary by Gods command, ,without which there is no grace-or happineffe vouchfafed to a man, and go , no further, abhorring all felf·coi:Jfidence, then this makes~ mans heart a fi~ veffell to receive the oyl of the Gofpel : Its fo farre from hindring; t_hat it drelfeth and preparefh the heart, for-Chrift to come ~nd lodge in it: fo that this is .the , right method,to preach the neceffity of the truth ofgrace,but , to preach down all caufality .thereof to our jufiifi·cation; We bring another Gofpell, if we do any other wayes; and fo. though,we were Angels, yet we were to lteaccnrfed : Thof~ Sermons then will never eclipfe the glory of the Gofpell, which tend to the fearching of the ~epth of a mans hearr, yet withal! infi:ruCl, that though they thouId finde grace in their hearts to th.eir comfort and defire, yet nothing but _ Chrift mull be relied on.- Admire imputed righteoufneffe, as . - if thou hadft no inherent, yet labour and·pray fot' inherent, as ifth~re were ao imputed. The people ofGod"are fome· times affetl:ed in their fenfe and feeling, as thofe that have the· difeafe Ephialtes, we call it, a trouble with the rtding of the marc. :rh~Y.· think fome ho.rrid and heavy load lying' upon