Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

ofthedeceitfolnefe andguile ofMans lieart'. man Painter being to paint a Goddeffe,drew it after the image ofthatwoman he was in love with : tht,ls felf- 'love fills a man with fpiritua14runkenndfe, fo that he is aJtogether deceived in what he thinketh or doth. '7 Laftly, The deyeitfulmffe of the heart i& not fmly from inn6ttc 1· ,' , ctm[es,hut WondtrfullJ incrM[edby anoutward,Wkichu the dev;t, Mal}.S'1lear~ t.he who hath hu thro'fJe and/eat in tVtrJ mans he~~rt; that as we read devi!s thrQne._, -of bodies poffdfed by the devil, fo cvery'mans foul is fpiricu- .ally poffeffed by Satan. Ephef.z.the devil is called the Prince of thuWorld,and is faid to rule in the hearts ofthe difohcdient. Hence he is called theJlrong one that poffefJefh the hwfe, till c;hrift a flronl{er the!_~ he ccmeandconquer him,Luk.r 1.2r. Now rne devil he is the Dragon, ~ev.u.3. and that oldSerpent .full ofcraft and fubtilty, and' fo the heart of aman being hisinfirummt muft needs partake of his guile. The devil at fidl: ufed the Serpent becaufe mpre fubtill then other beafis of the, field; fo he delights to ufe the hearts ofmen,whid1 are the feat oftheir .wifdome and underlJanding; and where there are t~e bell parts and greatcfi ~bilities, am he aefires them more then ' ' others. , 1 Thus you fee how many wayes this<h~ceitfullne!fe comes to be in evt'ry mans heart. It was the voice of the ·hea~hen Oracle, Nofce teipfum, Know thy felf; they tbought this the beginning of wifdome, and c-ertainly tie is ht a ready way to falv~tion, who begins to dillruft his own heart, thnbegins to· think, I have given coo much credit, l have eafily beleev'd what my heart bath told me, and there is _no greater folly in the world then this; what faith the Wife man, He that trufteth in hu own heart ua{ool,Prov.28. 26, Certainly not in the world only but even in the Church are fuch fools that put a vain confidence in their own hearu; that ~bey are well, that they repent·,that they love God. In the next place we 1hall·give you fever-aIfSigns or de· Si~ns and d'e– monftrations a pofteriori, that the heart of a man is ~hus de! monfrratio~s. ' ceitfull. . . of the J.ece_lt• fi n. 1 h ·11 • • . fullnefie at-the As ru, n t at aman 1\1tu generai!J t~ck.._now{edge the mce]Jity heart. and duty ofgodlinej[e,but then co.me to hu particular, that he muft 1 • live fucha£<~ldl.J life~ he rnuft. thm ftrive to enter inat the ftraite Men will ac~ •• g11te. · / ' \ I