Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

3PI~TVAL ~8FI :J\(:£:1\(Cj: PART . II-· 0 R, A ' -TREATISE OF s~ I N N , J17ith its Caufes, Differences,Mitigations and Aggravationsl - - '.'\! Particularly of the defperate Deceitfulnefl.,ef 1\1ani Heart, of Prefomptuous and Reigning Sins, and of Hypocrijie and Formality in Religion. . - Alfo o_ccafionally handling the Uprighmef and Tendtrn!/( ofaGr~tcioUJ Het~rt; and therein difcovering the nature of a mi{guidedConfcience, as alfo of fecret and .unknown fins that the'beft men are guilty of, with Directions to , the godly under their fe~~rs about them. · Shewing with~ll, That a ihi& fcrutiny into a mans heart and waycs, with a holy . fear ofGnning,doth confifi with a Gofpel-life of faith and joy in the holy Ghoft. ~ VnmMk_ counterfeit Chrifiians. · . J Terr~(ie the Vngodly. All tendmg to 2 Comfort and Din•fl the Do~-tbting Saint. Humble Man. Exalt the Grace of God.. - . In X L I I. S E R M o\~ s ,. By ~n:hony Burtefs ,fome~ime Fellow of £;;~:i{et Colledge in, Camlmdge, and now Paftor of Stttto'IJ-Coldfie!d 1n warwickfhire•. London/!Prin~ed ?Y A. M. for ThomM Vnderhill at theSign of th(t . Ancho~ and B1ble 1n 'Pauls. (;hurch-yard, .near the little North· · x6 s 4.