Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

ofthe deceltfolnef!ea»aguile ofMans heArt; the heart of man is fo full of gaile, anti very ready to make · fubtle inventions, and fpecious pretences in the wor(hip of God? In the new Tellame~t alto, the Pharifees had greatly corrupted the pure ftreamSi by--throwing earth i~to them, as the Philiftims did to ![11ak.} w~ll, LHk.:. r6. how feverely dot'11 Chrift reprove this ? Ye are they that jHftifteyour[elves, viz. becaufe of their fuperfi:itious invented worlhip, but God knows the hearts,mark that! r hey d;d no~ fearch or know the grounds and motions of their hearts in all this, ,but God did: and fee what aforcible reafon·is given, for that Which u high(J eft.eemeel of amongfo m~n, u Jli'll.v')lf.<.rl-, an ~tbomination of defo· lation,as it were,vi~.Tba~ wayofworthip, that external man– neroffervingGodwhich they had brought in,was abominable before God. And in the after-ages of the Church, efpecialJy when men forfook Scripq;ue, and appointed fuch means to worlhip God by aS\they thought fi.t: Thenwas fuch a famine , on the Church (as I may allude} that an Affes head was fold for much money, I mean, any worl11ip that a filly Monkor .Friar fhould appoint, was highly efleemed : Do not then in matter ofReli~ion let your heart deceive you; Every man bath herefie and fuper!tition in his heart as well as other fins j .oh that this were attended upto, then we lhould be apeople contented with Scripturc-infiitutions; commanded worlhip lhould be our bounds, . and for want of-this, we wodltip God in vain, and while we think we honour him, weprovoke him.- • z. The he~ert i& deceitjHll, in making apoliticall ReligiM, [H~ i. t~ablc to thofe carnal! ends and aims that a manhath. What is And to make a more or~inarythen this, to be no further religious then will P.ol.itica!l Re~ confifl: w1th our temporal! accommodations. How far' is that ltg100 • from tbe nature of the new creature Paul fpeaks of, 2 Cor. s. I6.~c k._ncw no "!"'~,n~ notChrift him/elfafur thejlefo.To regard Chn£l: and Chnlbantty, for flefhly advantages and worldly ends, is to make the higheft t~ings fervants to th_e meanefi : To make the end ferve the me:1ns; tomake f-ervr1nts ride and Princes go on foot,it is to pervert all order., and fet,a dunghill where the Sun lhould be. But oh the abom: itable treachery' ~ut4 guile of heart in this refpect: to make God and the ·. G · things - . r •'