Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

\ - THE - E p I s· T L E TO 1 HE ' R E A D E R. ~~~~~- ;:,;·;J"~ Hefe Sermons were prepared as ~- ·' part of that former Treatife, fii- . , led, Spiritt~al Refining, but ·that 1i?2 Book fwelling in bulk,made thefe ~, draw back, yet becaufe of their J~f perpetual ufefulnelfe, as·long as ~'>\ ... ~A men have hearts) and are fi1bject to temptations, it was thought fit not tohide this light under abufhel: So that although in the former Book, there wasdelivered the Subftantials of true Grace and its Counterfeit, yet this will much conduce to afmther Difcovery and lllufirationof that Subjeet, and- !o in reference to that Treatife maybefiiled ceronu, as be– ing added for further adorning and amplifying that matter. Thema jnJcopt of thuwork is to.. britJg nor omly the ungodly, but a beltever alfo into more acquaintttncu with hi6 own heart; for aman may though of very long · - A 2. ftanding