Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

0(thedt&eitfol~e{fe ~ndfi"Uile 1{Mtins htart; I may not come ncet the Promife,no moretben ·~t ·heafl1'Jt~r the Mo~nt: Tf.Jus Peter ' be faid, Lord depart ftcm me f6r l~tm 4 finntr'; Here was a fa1fe confequenc~; . a -non [eqNitur; The more finfull and-ni!ferable tbou .an,the greater need ·ofCbrift· lts fit a: L~t~rm thottld be laid before· the rich ·mans gate·; the"Wo~ndtdl»an ofJericho wa' a fit obj~a to have oylinto hu ·"Weunds: Sinne humbled for and groaned under, thould not .drive from Chrifi: but to Chrifi:. See how Chrifi holdcth out t: p . ' tha~ Scepter of gr~ce, C()me unto we 1111 ye that are heavy la– den, andt 'Wit~ give ·r-efl·toyour fculs, Mat.n, There is no reft or·eafe for thy turtle dove, thy foul, till it corn~ into this Ark. .· 'Oh-then Jet not thy heart any more deceive thee, by fuch ar– guments as thefe, What? that fuch a finner! fo great an of– fender ! doeft .thou think Chrifi will own fuch as thou art ·? :rhotr.canfl: not a bid~ thy' felf,and will ChriR abide thee:?BtJt rather argue the clear contrary: If I•were not afinncr there were no need ofChrifl: if God ·were not angry with me, there nhded no Mediatour: therefore becaufe I feel my felf thus defperately fick, 1will go to the Phyfition. Its good to obferve that the waye.s which were made to the eitJofrefuge, weremadeeven and 'eafie by fpeciaU direction from God, that fo the man{layer 'Whenpurfsud, might the more eafify run thi • ther: This City of refuge is Chrilt; and God bath fo gra– cioufly provided,that no,difficulties, no arguments, no doubts or fcruples thould:be in.tbe-way for thee eo be made partaker . of him: aw.ay•therefore with thy deceitfull heart,when thou : figdefi: it diverting of thee from Chrifi. Secondly, The heart ofa godly man is deceitfull in this ar·– gument it makes; That they have no true grace in them,they· do not love God, or delight in .holy things-, becaufe tbey finde more fenfible attfeetion to·worldly things the.n they do toGod: The Scripture fay t4ley, requires·that we thould lovt God 'With· ·all our heart and ftrength, yea that we thou Id love Chrift better thenfather; or mother, or children: Now fai~h the godly heart, ... .· I do not finde fuch love, I do not take fuch delight in approa-· cbing near to God, as in earthly comforts. Now here is alfo a deceit,for want of the knowledge of a necetJary difiinClion: There is atwofold love; .afenfible love, which confifi:s in the - - , · · · .. fenfitive- .