Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

.61 ofthul~eeit/ulllefJe andguile ,fMans hedrt." deluding thee, telling thee its well,when its not well; calling evilgood,andgo11devil; and truly were this in fading and dy· ing things, it were no fuch great matter, but being in things that continue and abide for eyer, this fbould much trouble thee. 6. Sixthly, Thu deceitfulnef{e uheavy, hec>fu(e it mak.fs oMr con; This deceit fufton tht greater, When 'We fee our [elves fruftrated of all our fruftrates. men hopes, and the good things 'We promifd our[etves in earthly cam· ff all thm forts. How was tha Church confounded, when fhe faid, foe lopes. look.gd forf~lvation, but behold deftruEli~n: but greater horror aAd amazement will furprize thee, when thou fh~lc cry out, I looked for Heaven, hut behold hell ; I looked for happineffe, but behold eternall torments. If thou hadft never hoped, or promifed better things to thy felf, thy confufion would not have been fo great; but for thee eo live and die, fpeaking no– thing but hopefull things.to thy foul, and then be fruftrated of all, this w.ill cut to the very heart. AHhe foolilh Virgins that hoped for immediate entrance into Heaven, and looked for the fq1ile» of the bridegroom; but finding no acceffe for themfdves, and that they were wholly lhut out, this made great amazement. Who can exprelfe the inward wounds and indignation Raman had, who hearing Aha.fhuerm enqui– ring What glor] fhsutd be p~tt upon him 'Whom he jfmtldhonour, and Ham11n not doubting but he was the man, rcckoneth up all the highel1: degrees of glory that could be; but when he faw it was not himfelfe but c.JV!ordecai, he was deceived in his expctlation, this could not but be da~gcrs and fwords in his bowels; oh then think what lhong confnfion will fall up· on thee, when thou in thy life time, in thy fickneffe, in all thy fears and calamities haft judged thy felf one whom God will honour, whom God would fave, and at the fall be call: out from his prefe.nce,as the man whomGod abominates. Do not deceive thy felf, this may be thy cafe, though 'for the prefe.nt r 7 . thou doe!t not beleeve it,or much rfgard it. And hereby Seventhly, Thi& deceitfulne/Je iJ the more to ln aggravated~ we are taken hec~t~tfe hereb; 'We ~tre t~k!?J offftom allJPiriturJil \Vd.tchfulneffe and o~ ~rom all dii.i.~eme in our Way to Heave~. We lee the Scripture doth ve– ~~~~r~r~ine!fe. ryfrequently enjoyn this duty of watchfulne!fe and praying, as