Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

·To the Reader. ra'lce and knowledgeof t~eworkof grace in his heart, and ac<:ordingly walk more thackfully, joyfully and fruitfully: And · · Secondly, The mouths of malicious .enemies, and {uch as blafpheme the way of puntymay be fiopped; for .wh~reas they areprone to accufe the godly as decei– versandhypocrites, they may at lafi: be ailiamed, be– holding th~ upright and fi ncere conver!ation of the godly mingled with an holy fear: Though .the world mif-judge the.ir perfons, and mif-conftrue their aetions, yet they have the tefiimony of a fincere and upright heart within. , Now lefl: this felf-,examination lhoulddegenerate in– to fiaviilinefs, andbe thought to keepmenal waies ina fad howlingwtldernefs, I hav~ therefore !hewed that a deepfearch into the heart's deceitfulnefs is amicably confifrent with the Affuranceof Gocls love in Chrift: • I. , So that it'sa Chrill:ians weaknds, when the holy fear about his heart !hall diminifh his ,faith and joy in the unfearchable richesof Gods grace, or a full enjoyiHg ofthefe.,fhall abate his tendernesand dtligence in heart– examinations; yet becaufe fuch is the tender heart of mary who fear God, that they think they do never .ftJ· tu cavere etiam cmn. maxime cdvcnt, and they are ea-fily tempted to believe that there is no grace at al.! in their hear.rs, becaufet.hey do experimentally difcover more /' falfhood and hypocrifie . in ~hem felves then they thought _of ; I t1pll therefore by way of Ant idote di. reGtto th tfe following di fiinCl:ions) which it atrended unto, they may be fufficientlyarmed for all thofe ob– jedionsthatcommonly do on the /right hand ~tnoleft t,he godly: anq I dlfit t he rather in the Pn:face,becau fe they a. not fo fully mentioned inthe Book. And A 3 I• Lel ' • I \