Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

76 of Uprightm/Je of Htart: or unto in his affiitlion~, what I k..now not tt~tch thou me; and if I have offended, I will do fo no more. What is my duty,Lord? wberein do I £inne? that I am ignorant ofinlhuCl me in, this , argueth an heart witbont ,;uilt'. As plain Paul had agood and an honefi heart, when he could make fuch a publike re· fignation of himfelf into Gods hands, Lord v.hat n'ilt thou have tne to do? Put thy felf then upon t11e toucbfione; Art thou a man eaqwiring diligently,What would God have me do? Are there not many finnes I commir, becaufe I fee them not to be fo? Are there not many duties l confiamly omit, becaufe I am not informed out of Gods word? Oh it may be, if I mad~ diligent fearcb, I thou Id abhor my felf, I fhould .not dare to do what I do, I could not for a world Oeep·in tbat condition I am in? but becanfe I walk in.darkneffe, I fee not the quagmires I am ready to fall into, · . · 2. Another CharaEltr of M! Heart Without Guile u, that it TakeJ:he taf.e.!s the Word of God to bt hi& cotmfellor in all things contro·, Word of GoJ verted, :md fuuteth out all carnall confultations, hearknech for its Coun- not to carnal! friends, to father, mo1her, or the dearellt:ela– feller. tions in the world, in this lieth the very qui,nteffence ofa fincere hearr. If the Heathen faid, That dead men were the bell: counfellors, he meant the writi~:Jgs of men left behinde them after their d~ceafe, becaufe they are not fubjeCl to thofe paf– Gons of ang~r, flattery,&c. which living men are obnoxious unto, and therefore ufe to [peak ad vo!uptatem·, more thenad fanitattm; how much more mufi this be verified of the Scri– pture; which is left as a perpetuall rule and guide in all our affairs : David manifeficd the uprighcne!fe of his heart here.– in, when he faid, he made them hi& CIJtmfellors, Pfal.1 19• and by them he \VMfortw~<rnedfromJinne,P[al.I 9· Ob tben,is thy heart - wanting Qfadvice? thou knowefi not what to do? The coun– fel from the Scripture is as ifGod from Heaven did fpeak to thee; here is wifedom and faithfulneffe in thefe things, as alfo righreoufneffe, which are the three requifires in all coun· , cellars; Wifedom,therefore thou fiuh: never do that which is iudeed foolifh, or will at Jail make thee afuamcd or con– founded. Here is Righteoufneffe, thtrefore thou wilt never lle.advifed to any unjufi and ftnfull aCtion.- Here is Faithful- ,. l1eife,