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92 True Skin ofGrace. Sacr.II. ferve themdiligently, whether you finde fuch things in you or no for notwith_ {landing all parts and religious duties, ifthe Spirit ofGoddwell not and work in you, you are no more a true memberofChrift, then an Ape is aman. Rom. 8. a, 5,6,9,13,14. where theApoftle fpeakingof the glorious benefitof Juftification, Seetowhom he appropriateth it, To thofe whowalknotafter thefefl, but after the Spsir,whereupon he is induftriousto makea differencebetween the oneatad the other ; and he ufeth feveral defcriptions, tar xT' aorta, Who are after the Spirit, which he explaineth bybeingfpirituallyminded: Pelw¡eu denotethnot only .ads of the uuderflanding, butchieflyof theWill and affefïions; it feemethto anfwer the Hebrew word 7etaer. Theimaginationsorframe of theheart. So that as the ima- gination and frame of a carnal heart is wholly upon thingsofthe fie,G : Thus the affeftions, imaginations, deigns and purpofes ofa fpiritual man, are upon fpiri- tual things. As the Apoftlecals them ór ryr arat`¡u, to verf.9. &"/"4.77,7-hofe that are in the Spirit, that is, Peffeffed of the Spirit, asif the holy Ghofwere as wonderfull in gracious operations upon the heart of man as in thole pro- phetical and extatical Afflatoe(fes, for theywerefaid,ar thole times, To be in theSpirit, and theGrecians call filch ¿t,seÌ; it is áfrmilicude, faith Grotiue, taken from chofe who areguarded on everyfide by keepers, and are whollyunder their power; fo mightyand efficacious is Gods Spirit in believers; and (by the way obferve) this is called promifcuoufly, The Spirit of God, The Spirit of Chrifl,The Spirit of the Father, and that dwelling in ut, whichdoth prove the holy Ghoil to bea perfon nota meer vertueand forte, or power fromGod as fome hereticks ofold would have it ; and a perfon that is one in the Trinity, not the chiefei of thecreated Angels, asone of latewould blafphemoufly maintain. In Adam, theholy Ghoft wrought his holineffe, as the thirdPerfon in the Godhead; but now he worketh gracein us by another (economy or difpenfation, as the Spirit of the Father, andofChrift. And that all this operation of Gods Spirit may not be rejefted as a fancy, he faith, Hedwels in we as in hisTemple, which deno- ted] a Eked permanency, andabiding in tae ; It is true, the godly difpute, Whe- ther a godly man be made partaker ofthe graces of Gods Spirit only, or befides theft of the Spirititfelt? The learned differ herein, but certainly thefe expreffr: onsdo inferre, That thegodly do not only receive the gracesof Gods spirit, but theSpirit alto 'it felf, only how CO explain this, feemeth tomevery difficult, if not impoflible. The godly led Secondly, As the Spirit of God doth thusdwell inhis children , and thereby they by the Spirit. havean habitual, fupernatural, fpiritual being, fo is thefame Spirit ailing, lead- ing andmoving of them unto tholethings that are holy. Hence the godly are faid to be ledby the Spirit, Rom.8. Gal.s. which dotty not denote the firft enlivening ofus ; in whichfeufe the poet faid, Mens agitas molem, but a powerful) conti- nual inclination ofour hearts unto thofethings that are fpiritual ; and this deno- ted] thateven in the progreffeof Sanctification, we need a continual) help, and influence from Gods Spirit, according to that ofAugufline, Er ago er agent , tuneb-ené agis, ji à bono agaric, and when we obeyahefe condu&of Gods Spirits We are /aid to*akin the Spirit. Thus Gal.5.24. Living in the Spirit , and Wall¿- ing in the Spirit,are diftinguifhedasthe caufe and the effect;we therefore*akin the Spirit, becaufe Welive init, and the Greek word srí t+r doth import a care- full,orderly,methodical walking; A fpiritual walking is a methodical walking; fo then, asoriginal finne by theScripture is- defcribed tobe inus, not as a fluggifh idle quality, but as alwaies working, as a fountain alwaies fit-earning, infomuch Two Corolla- that though it be not peccatumaîluale , yet it is afluofum ; Thus the Spirit of tics. God doth powerfully fend forth vertue and ftrength unto chofe in whom he Tò have the dwelleth. Spirit is more Now from thefetwo laid together,two Corollaries iffue, then to be an Firft That tohavethe Spirit o Godin the Scripture en a is more then to be amo- honeR civil e P f. P f f than. rat, honefl, civil man. This is no more a teftimonythat weate of God,then any baler