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102 True Signs ofGrace. S C T. I I, Zlfe 2. Ohhow many Cain:are there, that therefore hate and ftomack others, becaufe their touries are contrary to their fns I Therecannot be a furer fymptomof thy rotten, yea devilifh heart, then to fay, I could love fuch an one, honour fuch an one, but I cannot abide his ariftneffe. Likedelights in like. Davids delight ù in theSaints ofthe earth; ifthine be inSwine andDogs who wallow in their vo- mit and mire, tremble at thy difpofition ; Canft thou fay thou loveil God and hatett his Image ? thatwhich refembleth him here upon the earth ? The laying is, Nofcitur exfoci:, &c. You may knowaman by thofe he delighteth and re- joyceth in,and converfeth with. Ufe 2. Tobewail the negleftof this even among the godly How cloth this manifelt that we have the faith of Chrifi inrefped ofperlons ? Do not abufe godlineffe tomake it an occafionofthy carnalpride, envy, or earthly advantage? The Apoflle therefore makes heretics and fchifms the fruit of the fiefh, becaufe thefe arifefrom carnal motives one way or other. Yet this is not fo to be ur- ged, as if a prudent and godly Zeal were not to be urged againft the falfe doctrines ofgodly men ; it is one thing to fet againit a man becaufe bf his god- lineffe, that is devilifh ; andanother thing becaufe of his corruption,whether in praaice or opinion. But love like Elijahbath left the Church,and is carried up to heavenin a fieryChariot. rinrv4rWKI4,444ÑrtrW4Mts7^.44sW4nYtrYR4,4S'^Yt"W07ryn Ss cT: inTVIVINWPTIMIAPT