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104 Fa1fe Signs ofGrace. S' P c convenient, forall this the word will bear, ifhe was inflrn ced out of the Law, as it were catechized. 6. Hewas confidentof being a guide to the blinde, a light, an inftruifer, a tea- cher, and that he hada formof the truth and knowledge of the law. The Apoflle dothnot take , zpe.,minan ill fade, asin7imotby; for theJewwas not confident that he had but a form only, but p irpro is here as muchas tizF0u7mms in another place, a method and way tó inform othersabout the, truth. Thus far is the concef- fonof their Priviledges. Inthe fecond place is the aggravation of their (inne from thefe very preroga- tives, partly becaufe theyGone again(t knowledgeand convi &ion, partly becaufe their circumcifion and the like vifible ligns of Gods favour didnot at all profit without holineffe, yea, an Heathen and a Jew without this became both a- liké. Hence in the third place he amplifieth this affertionby a diftie lion of a Jew, and ofcircumcifion, for it was the hardelt Paradoxand molt offenfive to a Jewdir ear, that could be, to fay, circumcifion did not profit t for they fo gloried in it, thatthey ware wont to fay, it wasequall to all the Commandements, and that heaven and earthcouldnot Rand if there were not circumcifion. TheApofles di- ftineion is like an Axe laid to the root of the tree, it takes away the foundation of all their glory. Thereis ( faithhe) a Iew outwardly, that hath onlycircumcifion of thefiefh, and this is not really andproperly a Jew, he is not a Jew, nor is this circumcifion faith the Apoftle. a. There is a7ew inwardly, acircumcifon is the heart, in the fpirit, and this is a Jew, this is acircumcifion, and hiopraife tie ofGod, netof man; God regards (uchonly. Now this is alkvvery applicable to the times of the Gofpel, he is not a Chriftian, that is one outwardly,nor is that Baptifm which isof thefleth, but that which is inwardly andof the fpirit. No vifible figes or du- tiesin Chriflisniry profit, if a man walknot according to Gods Word. DofJ. e,4lehosghmenareveryprone toref upon Churehpriviledges, and vifiblefsgns or Church-privi- duties therein,yet they are no :alimonies orftgnt ofthe truth ofgrace. ledges no fign This point deferveth a lively difcovery, becaufe it's the only prop and evidence of It's afin to of mob Chriftiansfor heaven; And whereas in other things they would judge a croft in them title without reality tobe a miferablecomfort, to be titularly rich, and really poor. as hgns. Tohave thename of health, and to be indeed difeafed and pained, herein they would judge it mockery; yet in religion they arefittingly contented to have the name and repute of Chriftians, baptized perfons, profeflòrs of Chrifis doeteine, and yet know not the power ofthefe things, being like dead corpfe with Tweet flowershewed upon them. Therefore to explicate this'neceffary point confider forme things by way offoundation. The Jews ge- As firfl, Yefinde it 1ch . pore that generally the people of /Intelwere guilty of nerally guilty Infomuch that thegreat conteflation between the Prophets in the Old Ttflament of this fin. and the Ifraelites livingthen, between Chrifand hisApoiles and the Jews living then, to have been upon this very particular. NoMinder, noSermon, could take . them off from this, that becaufe they had the externall priviledges, therefore they did belongto God,andwere the children ofAbrabam,fer.9.as,s6.fee how the Prophet reckons theJews becaufe uncircumcifed inheart, among the Moabites and /Egyptians uncircumcifed in Beth, and Godwould punifh them bothalike ; Now compare this with ler, 7.4. fee how Paradoxall this was to the Jews, they cryed, The Templeof the Lord, The Temple of the Lord are thefe. I hey thought filch vifiblefymbols of Gods prefence would preferve them, though their lives were unreformed. Thus 47r. t. The Prophets-whole (cope is to let them know, that all their facrificesand religious wort-flipwerebut fo much deteflable abomination unto God. Thus it was alto in theNew refitment, how excellently lothour Savi. ourdifcover this point twice,...4at. 3,9. poh.8 33. where the Pharifees whole fupport was in their caruallpriviledge, and our Saviour fheweth notwithflanding all this, they. were of their.Father ohodevil, Thus9'a6 , Ciro: mcifsan andrencircum. edicts,