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S P 6 T. I I1. F alfe Signt ofGrace, at)y becaufe ofthe veryexternal profeffion of Ch rift, and his wayes, though there be nointernal change, many Church-priviledges belong to them, and Miniflers are bound todifpenfe them to them, iftheybe without Randal: I grant alto, as 'may be fully provedout ofthis Text, that there isan external and internal Co- venant, a man may have a Churchholineffe, a vlfible fan City, whereby heand his children are intituled to Ordinances, although 'all this while there be no true grace in that man. But now we are (peaking of the promifes of Jufli- fication.and falvation, and there are made to none but to the truly gòdly. Therefore till this be, thou art only in the outward Temple, not in the Holy of Hohes. Oh therefore that theft things were more .confidered by you : Suppofe you hear God fpeaking from Heaven to you; Why are you weeds . in my garden? Why are you Tares in my Wheat? Why are ye Chaffe in my Floor? Yes, think thou feet an hand-writing on every wall of thy Houle, and poll of thy doors, like that of Bel/fazzara: Thou arc numbred and weigh- ed, and found too light: All thy religiousprofellion, Ordinances, are found coo light. Life of Exhortation,, Let this truth be to you what the Jealoufre -water vfC. was to the fufpeéìed perfon, lec it not be laid to you as to that Church, Thou haft a name that thou art alive but art dead, or as to another Church of fome that laid they were Jews but were not. Thou fallt thou art a Chri- flian, thou art baptized, thou haft Ordinances, but whole works are thole which thou dolt ? who is the Father of that wickedneffe , barrenneffe, neg- le& and contempt of true holineffe ? Can the fame Fountain fend forth bit- ter htcams and Tweet? Shall that tongue that bath here prayed to God af- terwards blafpheme? and confider the Apoflles Argument in this Chapter; The Jews wicked carriage cauled,the name of God to be blafphemed among the Gentiles; Pagans, Papifls, Hereticks blafpheme the truth, becaufe ofyour evil deeds. How neceffary is it that where we are orthodox we fhould 49e- noJ 'v alto? Salvian a zealous Father againft the wickedneffe of Chrillians, attributing all the grievous Judgements of God then upon the Church to their impious manners, he brings in the Heathen allo blafpheming Chrift, and laying all the fault here, that Chrifîians were no better: Si Chriflus jInúa dectsiffet, Chriffiani jnEté viii_ eur; If Chrilt (fay they) had taught holy and godly things, then certainly the Chriflians would have lived holy°lives; Take heed, for the condition of all Heathens and Pagans will be more tolerable at theday ofjudgement then yours. P3