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c r. I I I. Falfe Signs ofGrace. rai Itt -4 44 Gí,1444 SERMON XXII, Sheaving thatfrom5udgement4 Opinions and Di.. Suites, arguments of the truth of grace cannot e drawn. RoM. 4,17. For the KingdomofGad le notmeat and kink, but Itighteoufne f, Peace and yoy en theholy Ghofi. THe Àpolile is a Cafuift in this Chapter, and handleth that cafe ofConfci- ence,which did muchtrouble the Churchat that time with much prudence and moderation. The difpute was about the obfervation of fome legal. rites; Whether this was abrogated by evangelical liberty, Come werefor the affirmative, fome forthe negative; and the conteft groweth fo high, that they make the fumme and fubfiance ofReligion to lie in thefe things. Now theApo. ftlehis (cope is to redifie themby Cenral excellent rules, fumewhereofare to rife our liberty alwaieswith refped to our weakbrother, To judge charitablyofone another in thefe differences notunfeafonably tö trouble the Church with our particular opinions, but tokeepourfaith to ourfelves; in which tefpeët Cypri- an faid, Godwould have usconfiterifidem, rather thenprofiteri, He confeffethit that is demanded and called thereunto, heprefefeththat doth it ultroneoufly, without any invitation at all. And inmy Text the Apoftle giveth an excellent rule. The marrow and effence ofgodlineffe lieth not in thefe things, though ye areapt to make thefe thepillars and foundations of Religion, yet they be not. So that intheword's you have a Prepefsiion expreffed; firft Negatively , and then Pofitively. Inthe Propofrtion youhave, . Firft, The Subjee1, The Kingdom ofGod. This is in other places called The KingdomofHeaven, not reß+ellu loci, in refpect of theplace where it is for it ii exercifedon the earth, but refeau modi, becaufe it is adminifred after an hea- venly manner. It doth in the general lignifie that Regiment and Government which God exercifeth, either ofglory in the Heavens; or of Grace in the hearts of his people ; and by a Metonymy ofthe Adjoinhtfor the Sufjehl, it fignifieth the Church, Mat.r3.4i. and by a Meronymyof the Elea for the efficient Caufe in- ffruinental,, it fignifieth the preaching oftheGofpel, Mat,i 3.33. and by a Synecdo- che ofthegenusfor themore excellent fpecies, it fignifieth that pecúliar time of renovation and ieftaurationWhich wasmade in the Church by Chrift and the Apoftles, Marth.3.2. Mark 1.14. The kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Hence the-Kingdomof Heaven is never ufed inthe Old Teftament, but in the times of the Meffias only. Secondly, There is the attribute, is Exclufively, It is not meat or drink, that is, itconfiftethnot in the doftnnal opinions, in the differentpraftice about theft things. a. Affirmativelyand Pofitively,but this I(ingddomof grace is in riglr R. a ieoufnefe,