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THE CONTENTS. Stamen; XLIII. Concerning, the fupernatarality and excellent Qualities of the New-creature. SERMON XLIV. Anfwering chofe carnall Obje ions men are apt to make agaîrift fuch a change in themfelves. SERMON XLV. Shewing the Counterfeit of the New-creature. SECT. VI. PanDlfng Oace ast (BOO tlaoxknlannfp, ana 05ooD tuotirO aas MC ena tl)eceof. SERMON XLVI. Epheta.io. For we are bú workman/hip, created in aril' 7efies untel good works, whichGodhad beforeordained, that we Ahould walk in them. The New-creature is Gods workmanfhip: Alto its neceflîty and Dignity. SERMON XLVII. That God gives Grace to the moll indifpofed. SERMON XLVIII. Of Good works, What to be created unto Good works implies; and what works aregood, SahMOÑ XLIX. Setting forthdivers Diftinetions and Axioms to clear the Doárine of Good works. SECT. VII. go the A,anctifpftt4 boagi attic Appirít unDeC frye nation of Ow, tuttq the Couatetfeit of it. SERMON L. IIe4.13:9. Forit it egood thingthatthe heart beeftablifhed .withgracei, d 3 xeit