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15e) Fat(e Signsof S a c T. III. ny good anion, is alwaies to hitthe mark, as tofn, áµartárc+e, is to coifs the fcope and white. e4"riftotle,placed hisMoral virtue, in media, and fo made it difficult ca avoid extremities onboth fides : but (alas1) the word of God regaireth far more concurrences then ever the light of naturecould difcern : fo that ifyou cake any religious anion , whether elicite, or imperate,to do it after a godly maner,the re mutt be a great deal of circumfpeßion : there isfo much required in the caute, in the manner, in the motive, that we may cry out for every particular duty, which P'auldid forone mainone, Who itfuf dent for theft ¡bingo ? fo that negligence, formality, and luke-warmnefs cannomore codawithgodlinefs that of a arid andexalt nature, thenhellwith heaven. a.. Ir is a great; Therefore in the fecond place , lrarguetba tongueand an heartlet on fire front wickednefsto heß,toreproach,and cryoatagainf firifInefs in the way to heaven. Oh that even reproach itti among Chrifians , there fhould be men whole Throats are Inch open fepnl- thees, as to fend forth fuch noifome and filthy fpeeches: What needs all this tirik- eels? What needs all this singularity ? Why fhould men refute todo as the moil do ? Is it not their pride and hypocrifie ? Alas, ignorant and prophane wretch What thinkett thou ofthat place, The Kingdomof heaven fuffereth violence, and the violent take itby force ? What thinkelf thouofthat, Strive to enter in at the ftrair qnre,forfew ester therein? Are thefe places ofScripture true or no ? If fo, thenwo be to thee, for thou makelt the Kingdomof hell to fuller violence, and ta: kett that by force, though theWord, and Miniflor, and thy Confciencebe against thee : fo thou that liven inditlóluteprophanenefs,ordinary negleft of publique and private Duties , Is thy life fuch a ttrilt life ? Mull there be loch ftriving to do as thou dolt ? Ohconfider, either Gods word is wrong, or thou art out of the way : thouart not yet fuch an Atheift to affert the former, be therefore fo far inge- nuous as to acknowledge the latter. ;.The number Thirdly , From hence itfolloweth , That the number ofchafe who are tritely of Godly is godly, are very few. They are but a little flock and they are but few, not onely very Cmall' comparatively to the whole world, but inrefpedof titular and nominal Chri ti- ans, who have the name, and own the profesfion of Christ, but deny the power thereof. Many arecalled, but few are thefts , even fewof thofe that are called : as the gold is but little ro theother part ofthe earth; & flowers are few in refpeft of weeds: fo that the ground whypeople do foeafty pertwade chemlelves of their good condition, is becaule they understand not how exalt and arid the way of Grace is. Youhave this notably cleared Mat. r9. zy. Where our Saviour (hewing that it was ate impofblefor a rick manto befaved, at a Camel to go through the eye of a needle : becaule its hard tohave riches, and not to trail in them , or love them immoderately; when his Disciples heard this, faith the Text, They were exceed- ingly amazed, faying,Who then can befaved ? They do nor fay, what richman? but, who canbe faved ? becaule as a rich atanhash his riches, foevery man hach fome- thing or other that his heart is too immoderately carried out after. Therefore fay they, whocan be laved ? Oh beloved, while we look upon Gods gracious promi- fes, and Chrifta merciful invitations , while we think ofhis love in dyingand fuf- fering for us,weare apt to think it a very eafie attainable thing tobe faved, and no queftion the Difciples looked on theft confiderations, elfe they would not have fo ftartled, andbeen fo amazed at Christs Doctrine: But then on the other fide, when we confider what Icier qualifications, what exalt converfations cught to be in chofe that go to heaven, we (hall thenland amazed , laying, who can be God- ly ? whocan pray , hear , as the Scriptureregnireth theft duties ? Hence our Sa- viour to allay theDifciples aflonifhment, bringech that univerfal Axiome, With men chit isimpofble, beet With God all things are poffible : the way there- 4. Theword fore to bang you to rcfolve upon a more exalt wayof life, is to put you into this ofGod alone fpiritual aftonilhment , and amazement at the accurate way of Godli. reveal theex- nelle. a&efs of the Fourth) way toheaven. y , As the way to heaven is a Mott Het and;accurate way, So the word