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i 56 Fake Sigan of Grace. Sacr.IlI. worfhipof God, therefore it is expounded fo here. And although the word in vain is not ufed by the Prophet lfaiah, yet the Septuagint bath it,andthis fenfe is neceffarily impliedby confequence. Obferv. That it is avain andunproftablefgntofupport andcomfort ourfelves by, that We drediligent in the WorJhipofGod,ifnot commanded byhim. The Pharifeesmade their obfwvation ofreligious traditions tobe the eminent groundofall their happineffe. In this they placed all their Religion and Sanity; whofoever concurred not with them herein was accounted prophane and cur fed ; but how light and empty is allthis found , when weighed in the balance of the SanEtee sey? And it is wonderfull to confider, how in all the ages of the Church, thisPharifaical leaven, bath leavened moil perfons. Infomuch that Gods Commandments have been wholly laid afide , while mens traditions have been admired ; So that it is a true Affertion of Auguftinet, Sizcerus Dei cultos spud parecos eft, The fincereand-pure worfhipof God ,is but among few. So that the difcuffionof this Point, will muchclear the true Nature of the fervice of God. Several'Propo- Therefore tobe informed herein, confider, fio chi about Firft, Time it lieth as aneceffary duty upon all toWoejhip andferve God. The He- God. of brew words andGreek are feversl and obfetvable, that expreffe this worfhip, ,. Iclech up- which are exaf ly handled among the learned ; The ground of this worfhip is, onàllas a duty Becaufe he is the 7ehovah,- who giveth us our being, and all other mercies : It is therefore moft natural,and a molt indifpenfable debtto acknowledge him forhis Worfhip di- fupream'eacellency herein, and to give him a peculiar and proper worfhip. Now ftinguiihed.. this worfhip and fervice is either internal, or external, or mixt, compoundedof both ; internal confifts in Our loveof God aboveall things , Faith and Hope in him, Obedience to his commands ,. which the Scripture preferreth before all "external worfhip ; External is that of adoration and inclination of the body, kiffing the hand, bowing theknee, dedicatingTemples, Altars, and Offering of Sacrifices Mixt is compounded of both thefe, fuch as callingupon Gods name by Petition and Thankfgiving. t. God needs Secondly, Thisworfhip andfervice of God is not gixen toGod, becaufe he needs it, no worfhip. er is made more happy thereby. This is a good confideration to debafe by pocrites it is for our who arefoaptto fwell and to be fecure, becaufe oftheir wor hipof God. Thus 'goo"' Daviddóthackflowledge that hisgood reacheth ott toGod. God is no more better- ed by our worfhip, then the fountain is, becaufe a mandrinks of it; or the Sun, becaufe a man feeth by the lightof it. Such do not advantage the fountain, or the Sonne, but theirown feines. So Godbath appointed this worfhip, not that he might receive good from us, bot coilìmunicategood to us. Thus God faith, a îal ço,ro,r r. Thehafts upona thoufandhilt are mine. God there fheweth, he needednot their Sacrifices ; This is a neceffary truth, foi hypocritical Formalifts to meditate on. Thy worfhip ofGod'confifts not in thy giving tohim, but receiving from him. It is forthy owngood and advantage that God bath appointed thee to hear, pray, and to beexercifed in anygodly duty. ;.Weare to be Thirdly, Such is the infinite Excellency and Majefly ofGod,, that we are to trem- alhatnedoEour greatly and tobeafhameaáf any worfbipor fervice wetender to -him. The Angels .beftfervices. that are not confcious to the leaft time to themfelves, but are pureabove the Sunne, that cannot call themfelves duff and allies, yet cover theirfaces before God. An expreffion to fignifie the dazeling Majeflyof God in their eyes : Then much more ought man to abhorre himfelf in any worfhip, and that as he is a creature, though hehad nothing but that excellent and pure ftampof holineffe, thenwith what humiliation and felf-abhorrency fhould finfull man [land in the pretence of God 1 It is a remarkable exprefíion in fofhua, Ye cannotferveGod, for he is an ho- ly God, Jofh.24.19. Ye cannot ferve him, viz. according to his nature, as his . Majefty deferveth. Oh howfhould fuchconfiderations as there workmore aw- ful andtrembling thoughtsuponyou, when you arein anyworfhip, why areye fo