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S $ c T. I. TheDoarine, Duty, Zlfefulneßof Affurance. 9 - foever their conceit is about this, it is certain the Apofìle Heb.5.14. would have usby ufe tohave oar fenfes exercifed todifcern bathgoodand evil. . Wherethe Apo- file attributeth to the minde dare", aw iie.i which are properly the Organs of fenfe in the body, but he applied' it to the foul, becaufe of tke intuitive and gxpeti- mentálknowledge the foul ought to have in good things; and therefore he fpeaks ofufe and cuftom which the people of God have in this fpiritual difcern- ing: No wonder then that faith is called Heb.at.arbsxo,s, rim real fubfaflance of thingsbelieved in thefoul. (4riflot/e cats the thickcloud that by the reper-. cuflian of the Sunne beams makes the Rainbow :z.b,cou and theRainbow £µ4.0s,) and 4nsy2es, an undeniable convidlion of the mindeof man, becaufe where this grace is opecatively_upón the foul, it makes a real imprerion. Hence alfo the wh le work and way ofgrace is compared to fife, Gal:z.ult. becaufe it is molt real, it is not in imagination and fancy. That is notable Heb. 13. 9. Be nor carriedabout WithdiversdoFirines, for it iagood to have the heart eflablifliedWith grace ; Where theApoftle makes grace and godlinefs to Ilablifh and fettle the heart; and therefore men that are led afide into errors, are laid to be carried about with them, a Metaphor from chaffand ftraw, which becaufe of its em, ptine s an ig the s is blown this way and that way. Thus a man that is empty of grace, andnot confolidated by the power of it upon his heart , he runneth from one opinion to another, without anyfiay atall. Therefore a favoury in- ward knowledge ofdivine truths, wouldbe an excellent ballaft inthe foul. And as it would thus keepthe heart firm to the truth, fo it would unite the heart to holy things as the ben and fweeteft, without hypocrifie, double- mindednefs and inconftancy, and this is much tobe confidered, thy heart is one while for good things, another while as vehemently for the world, thy heart is divided between the Creatorand the creature, howcometh this about? for wantofreal andexperimental knowledgeof thegoodnefs of God He that drinkerh of this Water( faith Chris ) (hall neverthirft more, that is, Siti totalis indigentia, witha Ithirft of total want. Now how great a mercy it is to bekept from that double- mindednefstheApoftle fpeaks of, To be like a wave that is fometimes toffed up high tothe heavens, and then prefently finks down low in the lea ; or like theGrafhoppers that leap up towards heaven, but immediatly fall down to the ground.: When temptationsof profit and pleafure come, how eafily can they be repulfed by anheart who feels better things ? So that tillyou have an inward feelingand joy about the thingsof God, you are not able to withfland other temptations, but you will alwayes be flriving to make poflible that which our Saviour bath pronounced fo impotlible , To [erve God and Mammon. I (hall in thenext placefhewyou what impediments and deltruaive principles Impediments there are to hinder us in this experimental proof, which we are to makeof our ofan nt ale - felves. For thisduty here refedof examinin g and proving o f our f elves is like imneamCe thecompound that the high-Prieft was tomake, confiningof choice materials; t. Nowone dangerous principle is, whenwe go to prove and examine our felves, Self-love and I being prepoffeffedwith felt -love and carnal confidence, andwhere this founda- carnal confi- eion is laid, its impoffible tomakeany good fuperftrudion. Hence all the pier- deuce. clog and_difcovering sermons which the Prophets and Chrift made upon the Jews and Pharifees, could make no battery give no fhaking to their rotten foundation, and allbecaufe they hadcarnal confidence, and vain truft in them- felves. Thereforewhen thou fetteft upon this duty, thou muff fay, "Lord, I " come not in any love of my felf, I canas eafily judge and condemn my felt "for an hypocrite (if fuch I thall be found) as approve my felf for an upright " one : OLord, it (hall not feem an hard thing to me, if I perceive that I have "thus long, thus many years laboured in vain. O Lord, it fhall befofarre " frombeing matterof difcontent, as thatI (hall rejoyce, if now at length, I . C "may