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S''o:,. i I. TheDodtrine, Duty and Ufefdneß¡èf Rfürance. signs tì at the Scripturedeciphers,we take up principles in the world, the ap- plause t others,. the converfation of molt in the world ; And chits it is with ut, as men in an Hospital, becaufe every one is either Wound- ed or lame, or fome way difeafed, therefore none are offenfive to each other. The fourth and lait dangerous way to mifcarriage, is , When We mistake 4ì about theobjecî matter which se to be difavered, When We mifiake What oodlineffe ie, A miftaking ' andjo think it to be in ou, When it is not ; And in this is the grand- impofture ; about theob- men take a goodnature, morality, civility, the common graces of Gods Spirit je ma er of for godlinefs, and when they fee they have theft, they concludeall is well,This isas doman digging forgold Ihould take leadorcopper for it, and think him- felf rich, becaufehe path thefe. He therefore that would not be deceived in this great matter, mutt confider what the Scripture makes the nature and properties of godlinefs, andmull conclude godlinefs is no leffe or inferiour a thing then the Scripturemakes it. If a man faall not reach up to thofe Scripture directions, he is but a Glow-worm though he feem tobe the Sun ; but more of theft things hereafter. Let theLife be, to fetus with all diligence, feat and trembling about this Oft. work : How much better is it to eat and drink to pray and hear with fear and trembling of heart, thento fit down fecure when there is no cause ? Ilelieve not your hearts in times of danger, or fears ofdeath, or any sudden fits ; You fee Pharaoh and Ahabcan cry out6f fineunder the judgements of God, but attend to pure motives only; In the civil law no credit is given toa testi- mony that is given by one upon the wrack becaufe it is fuppofed the torture and pain will make himfay any thing to be eafed. And thus in times of trouble and fear even a falle and unfound heartwill fay any thing, hoping for fome relief. Howfoever in this life we may fatisfie our felves and others with a profeiiìonand external diligencein holy duties, yet at the day of Judgement we (hall beaftonifhed and filent before God. In the Parable , the man that was at the fealt Without a Wedding Garment, when expoflulated with, !was prefently jpeechlefje, he pretended not poverty, or difficulty to get a wed- ding Garment, but was immediately fpeechleffe, even as if he had had a muzzle put on his mouth, as the word fignilìeth. At that day all the crooked and fubtile windings, all the falle pretexts of thy own heart, will be fo difeovered, that thou canft. not but fee it; and acknow ledge it, 1I