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22 The DoEfrine, Dutyand ufefielneßofA(furance. S a C T. I. *Itzttitt**4444144444' WAt SERMON V. Handling the efldjun is of a furance.., viz. ThePoßibility, xcellency, Dif ffculty andNef. ceßity ofhaving it. aCox. 13.5. Examine your felves, whether ye be in the Faith. THis1 Text (as is proved) is a fare foundation ofthat profitable and neceffary Doftrine, viz. The Certainty thata godly man may have of that Grace which is wrought in him , Icome to adde two more Propofitions, which may further declare the nature ofthis Truth, 13. As Mt, There are three things WhenWe(peak of Certainty , that are confounded byTome Divines,andaccurately diflinguilhedby others; and theyare Fides,Fiducia, and Certitudo, Faith, Affianceor Confidence, and Affurance. In the writings of many Authors thefe are fpoken ofpromifcuoufly, asthe fame thing ; yea Faith isby many learned men defined tobe a full perfwafion of the heart, érc. which definition though it wasmaintained by them out ofa good intent againft all Po- pith doubtings, yet it is not a Truth in the thing; for many haveFaith, yea jg- tQfyingFaith, who have none ofthis Affurance ; and this definition bath plun- ged manytender Confciences into fad Labyrinths, as if they had no Faithat all, becaufe no Affuranceat all : But of thismore hereafter. Others therefore fpeak more diftinc ly, and alto confonantly to that place of Scripture; Ephef,3.aa. where Faith in Chrift is laid to have three effects, r. Affiance or Confidence. 2. Boldnefs or Affurance, and both theft come from Faith. 3. ngooy.,yn,Readi- nefs of acceffe to call upon God in times ofadverfiti es, fo that a believer is made Gods favourite, and it is not againft Law (as E.flhero was) to go in and fpeak to this great King. Now whether Faith, Confidenceand Affuranee differ onely as fo many degrees ; asa Childe,a Youth and a Man ; or whethertheydiffer as fe- veral kinds, is to fubtil a difpute. This is certain, That malefic our Faith go fo far as ina fpecial manner to applyChrilt to us, it cannot juftifie us, or do us any good : Others were in the croadbefides the Woman that had the bloody flux,' but the tonching ofhimdid partakeofverrue from him. Thoughanlfraetife load look- ed uponall other Objects as well as thebrazen Serpent, yet beholdingthat only did curehim ; So though our Faith be carriedout to the whole Word of God, yet it is theapplying and telling uponChrift that doth juftifie us: Let not then a gracious heart dçfpair asif it had no interef inChrilt, becaufe it bath not yet attained toAffurance, Goad tltatbat_h begun to make theedefireChriftthat loath hop orted thee under thy fears and guilt, will at talc give ìheeAlfurance for God befFoweth dielemerciesbáegrees, evhi as Boaz did to Buth; he firft gave hergleanmgs;tien hitmeals, arid-Tally his own Pelf. God may come unto Tiee in mighty rufhing windsbeforehe come in a fill quiet voice, Nil tarn ccr - cum, quamquadexdubiocertum, nothingis fo certain, as that which is fo after doubting. TheIhakingof the Trees by mighty windes, doth make the root more