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TheDari, e and tlfefelnef! ofSigns. 45 made a matk.of grace to take heedof fin, and to love holineffe ; fo here it is made a fignof Chrifts thcep, to take heedof errorsand falfe teachers ; They are afraid of falfe doftrines, as well as wicked waits : Oh howneceffary is this fignofgrace to beprefled in there times, to a peopleafraidof being led afide from the true faithby anydeceitfull pretexts whatfoever. Col.3.I2. there you-have a catalogue of feveral graces, which flow from Election ; Pat on (ae the eleïlof god) bowels ofmercies, &c. and generally wherefoeveryou finde defcriptions of the properties ofgodlinefs, there ought we to parallelour lives with thofe precedents, and fee whether weexprefs them or no. A fecond fort is From exhortatory places , where We are commanded to make Argum 2. thinfearcb, Whether grace be truly inUf or no ? Now if fuch a trial were not law- fullandufefull, who dare fay, the holy Spirit would pre(cribe it ? The Text I am upon, how clear is ir, Examine, proveyourfelves, whetheryebe in the Faith? Now if any onefhould reply again( the Apoffle, This is loch aduty it cannot be done, itsderogatory to Clara, it will make us reff in our Pelves: how unfufferable had filchgain - laying been, Cya1.6,4. Bus let everymanprovehas ownWork, &c. where youhave theduty of examining and fearching the works we do , in the nature, ground, and intentions of them ; and thisis commandedas a remedyagain( arro- gancy and pride, as appearethverf,'3. and this is alto commended from the profi- table effeft thereof; he (hall haverejoycing inhimfelfalone, that is, his excellen- cy (hall not be apprehended by comparing himfelf with others that are worfe, or becaufe he is reputed godly in the judgement of others , but his comfort will be fromwithin : andobferve,in fome fenfe a rejoycing ina mans felf islawfull, vitas it is accompanied witha ehankfull acknowledgmentof thegrace of Godbellowed onswan. But if we fpeak inrefpel of Juftification, then all matter of rejoycing or boaffing is excluded. In I Pet.r.Io. youhave a text that putteth this duty out ofallqueftion, Wherefreehe;ratber brethren, give addiligence to make your calling andeleflionfare; You will all grant electioncannot be made more hire in refpeft ofGod or it fell, but only in refpeftof us, that we may bemore perfwaded of it. And how is that? he(hewed is the verles before, by adding grace to grace, and canting chofe things to abound in them. This was the way to make all Cure, fo that to proceed by way of Signes and Marks,' is plainlyenjoyned out ofScri- pture. A third rank is From thofeplaces of Scripturewhich by way of example and in- Argum.3, fiance, do prove, that ekegodly coo/t their graces fir fgus and leFtimosies of gods love, and thereby receivedmuchconsfort ; Y ea, urged there, asan argument inpraiee for mercy, not by way of merit or caufality, but as the effeftsofGods grace , and fo a further engagement for God to perfect his own work, a King.ao.3,Hezel¿iab after he had laboured in a further. Reformation, then anyever did before him, be- ing thetrue Berenice that purged the Augean liable, is lirickenwith a mortal dif- rate fromGod, andnow in what exigencies is he plunged I a great Army againft him, no viable fuccellburin his Throne, all his Reformation is like to goe back- wards l In themidftofall this darkneffe fee with what he fupports himfelf, Re. member, 0Lord, how I have walkedbefaretheewith an uprightandperfill heart,&c. Thusheuled hisgraces fora fignto confirm. The like did 2tebemiab, Chap.' 3. feveral times, elpeciallyfee his expreffion verfa4. Remember me, O my Ced, and wipe not ont mygooddeeds that Ihave donefir the Inhofe ofmy Gott This place pro- verbno Popery, as ifNehemiabthought his gooddeeds perfed, and fo a caufe of mercy, for markhis exprelfionverf.'2. Remember me, Omygod, andjparemeac- cording to the greatneffeofthy mercy. Thofegood deeds needed mercy and pardon, yea grearnefs of mercy ; As it goethnotfo high toeftablifhperfe&ion or merit of works, yet it doth fully confirm this truth, Thata godly man may take comfort from his graces as legos and telbinonies of Gods love tohim. And whereas Gro- titu upon that paffageof Hezekiahs maketh fuch anarration of graces by the god- ly, peculiar only to theOldTenament ; it is like many other of his notions,falfe G 3 and