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Tothe Reader. f ope to bring the `1 eadérinto apmerful ex erimen- tal Di%overt' of `True grace upon his own heart : I thought Words,Opinions,,i \ ótions andControverfes wouldbe likeAfahel'sCarkafin theway,tomove men togaeon them, 'while they negleEledmore nece'ry andexcellent matter.The true Work ofGrace fe- parated from the Connrerfeit,with the affurance thereof,is the main SubjeEofthisBook, andfhould be ofour corfant thoughtsandmeditations; this of ful,when all other things villvanifh;llaNoahs Arkcoìttinuedon theWaters,'vhenall theflatellyPa- lacesofthe 'vorld rpereovernhelmécl.graceju.Flifying is indeed the treafureofa l hr,ian,butgracefa,nFli- fying is the I(eyto open th'ereunfo:gracejalctìfÿing is much to heprefed,either to broken contritehearts, or when corrupt DoE.lrines(as in Popery) have dan- geroufly in feEied; but CÇrace anoli fying is conflantly tobe urged toevery natural man, and allunbottomed Profe/rs :w there isno man that knoreeth how it farethwith usin the/ dayes, but mull ác(aowledge this Subjectvery ufeful. the vitals ofgodlinef muff be in affiecial mannerpreferved; that inwardinfufed heat muff not be weaknedby ufelef evaporations: Di- utes: Opinions andDi fferences of fudgement,muft not befuckers to draw away nourifhment f om the, fubflantialparts of holinefr. Our Saviour hignfelf chofe thisfubjedaboveall other topreach to his hear- ers; Amunottheirflockingafter him in multitudes didcontenthim, but uponall occafïons he inFtru?7ed them in thedeep,fureandrootedworkofgrace: even in