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66 True Signs ef Grace. SE CT. I I. Commandmentsof God intwoparts, r . Thofe things thatconcern faith in Chrift. 2.Thofe thingsthat relateto our love ofothers; thereforeGods Commandments mull not only be limited to the prohibitionof wicked lives, but mull alfo beex- tended to falfe doctrines ; therefore obferve the Apoftles in all their Epiftles,they are as vehement and zealous againflfalfe teachers, as wicked livers,and therefore preffe with an equal neceffitytrue faith, and a good confcience ; Therefore thy heart is then fincere,when its feragainft herefies;aswell as prophanenefs, and pro- phanenefsas well as herefies : Ifyou have a manhot and vehementagainft ungod- linefs, but indifferent about falfe doctrines, that man may juftly fufpect his heart. Again,if a man cryout ofherefies and the tollerationofthem, yet ran abide tyro- phanenefs, can tolerate that in his family, orelfe where, this man alto ought to fear himfelf. Whatfóever theScripturefpeaks of impietyasdéßru live tofalva: tion, the fame it alto applieth to falle doctrine. Is that thefruitäì work of the flefh ? fo are herefies : Is that damnable ?fo are herefies: Is that to be caft out of the Church ? fo is fadedoctrine : Are wicked menprepared ofoldto déirsoLion ? fo are falle dodors:Are the fbeepof Chrilt meekandinnocent intheirconverfation? fo theywillflee Pram aflranger, and nothear thevoiceofaflranger. So that if thou wouldit try thy lincerity, mark whetherthou defreft more liberty in matters of faith,then in mattersof life. No doctrinerevealed in Scripture tobe believed,may be anymoredi(penfed with,thenthe precepts declared inGodsword forpractice. 4, 4. Vniverfal Obedience is a fign,Whenit comprehends not only generalD ',tries, but particulars ofrelation, notas a Chrïflian abfolsttely only, butas a Magiflrate,Mi- nifter,Husband,Wife,Childe orServant; if a man difcharge not thecommands of thefe Relations, though his generalconverfationus a Chriltianbe neverfo admi- rable, yet he bath caufe to fufpeet himfelf;relativeand domeffical graces domòre demonfltate piety and truegodlinefs then publifk,: general duties ; for a mans pride, ,felf -ends, may puthim upon'thefe,oas wefee, in thePharifees, according to that rule, AmbitioIceman defiderat, but it argued] truth ofgrace, to be difi gentin fulfìllingofthofe relationswe are ingaged in. Henceit is obfervable, how diligent the Apoflleis in the dole ofhis Epiflles to declare theduties ofrelations, and to be large in themotivesfor them. Vfc. The Ufe is of Exhortation, to judge your felves by this Ggn. Art thou univer. fal inthy Obedience, for all the wales andduties required by God, then.thou maieft take comfort ; otherwife know, ifthou haft not refpect to all thefe, thou wilt be confounded, though withAhab, Herod, ye,damany things, yet ifnot all things, confufionwill be upon thee. Oh then how few arethey, whomay claim a right tograce 1 Manymen have an external Obedienceonly and, no internal, but molt have a partialand not entire compleat Obedience, therefore it is, That many are called andfem arechofi-n. Confider that terribleexpreffion ofjtames,Jam. 2.1o,r 1. where the Apoflle informeth believers, that if they be guilty but of that one fin, viz. Accepting ofperfons, theyare tranfgre(fors ofthe Law in the ge- neral, which he further urgeth by this Affertion, He that keepeth all, and offends in one, ù.guile) of all , not diftributively with a guilt ofevery particular finne, but in refped of the authority of the Law-giver, and the obligation of the Law, according to that Ceerfed is every one that continueth .not in every thing comtsàanded by the Law; feeing therefore God in regeneration doth Write his Law in our hearts, whichBoth feminally contain the exercife ofallholy aâions;. fo that therecannot bean inflance ofany godly duty, of which God doth not infufe a principle in us ; and feting that glorificationwill be univerfal offoul and body, in all partsand faculties, how neceffaryis it thatSanilifiéation fhould be univerfal. Take heed thereforethatthe works ofgrace in thee be not abortive, or monftrous, wanting effentiall and neceffary parts. Let not thy (hip be . drowned by anyone leak,dwell upon this,univerfality is a fore rule of fincerity. SE ß *ON.