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o Trite Signs ofGrace. S a c T. II. . And z. There it no fincerity, bat where there iáafull andpowerfallchange oft he What upright- whole man by the grace of god. For every mans heart is naturally full of nefie is, and guile and dotti ati not frui Deo , referre God w humane ends and 1 im(elf, whereinit is but not himfelf and all his ends toGod,Omnes bomber,: font baronet & gaotidii la_ a figs' trocinentor lorians Deitlt was a lain ofone whichCa sanse loth muchapprove: There mutt g yi g PP bea change The heart of a man naturally is Paid tobe deceitful!above all things, who can know of the whole it ? There is no truth, no integrity, till God path changed it. It is asTertallianPaid man where of the Peacock, verficelor, multicolor,Temper idem& nunquam idem. If therefore there is Since- thou wouldefl have a plain and evenheart, desire it may bepolifhed by grace, for "`y' till this be, a man makes himfelf the center, and alllines to meetin him, but this is inward,and fo cannot beperceived but by the motions and aftions which Pow therefrom ; As Laearne perceived he had life, not by the principle of lifeput in to him, but by the a ie&s thereof: andSaulperceived he had another (pint by the o- perations thatdid flow from it : fo inconverfion a man Bothnot perceive the im- mediate habits and principlesof grace, butby the effefts and fruits of them he comes CO knowhe hash fach. 2. 2. Vprighttufe id a fi"va and then acknowledged tobefincerity, when we do any liprightneffe goodduly becaufe godcommands. As in matters of faith, then we properly pro- is a fgn when duce a divine aft, when webeleeve quia ipfedixit, becaufeGod bath commanded we do any it : fo then is it properly upright obedience when it is quia ipfevoluit, becaufe good duty be- he willed: and commands it. A man may obey a command becaufe thofe a&ions commands. God maysour;(( withfame carnal( ends, but to do it becaufe ofGods foveraignty,this is acceptable. Hence Saulfor that aft of difobedience, though he pleadedcarnal( pretences, yet was judged to commit a fnne ashainous as witchcraft. Adamsfin was tobeaggravated from this,in that it was wally difobedience;forthere being no other ground of the command, thenGods will to command, it was bosuns piamandatow, not mandatam quiabosun); hence hisfinne was in ahigh manner difobedience. Donot therefore this or that, becaufe this will agree With thy ends, this will hand with thy loft, but do it becaufe God bath required it. 3. 3. Vprightnc fe rfees; in theriniverfelityof obedience; We donot pick or ehoofe, Sincerity is but becaufe Godcommands all, therefore weobey all: do that which croffeth us, fern in sheu- which is troublefome unto our fleth, which is felt-denying, as well as thofe things nioerfalny of that do not fo much offend us. TheApo(tle yam. a. urgeth this argument, He that obedience. faidThoa (halt notfleas,faidalfoThots ¡dealt not commit adults ry. Inatome adato- nevalet .confequentia, toobey any commandment becaufe it is Gods will, cloth in- cline a man to obey everycommandment, becaufe it hath the famefuperfcription; Herod did many things, but not all things, therefore not any thing upon a right ground : Arifioeleufèth the first word daawt frequentlyfor that which is oppofte CO rgTC' aì fecundum quid. Thus faith he, a blackamore though he bath white teeth , yet cannot be called White ct'anmt, becaufe it is in tome refpeft only, fo neither may a man be calledfincere that bath only partiall obedience. 4. Then isuprightneffe a tree fig; when the motivesof all ouraims are pure and And hen the heavenly ; when all is donebecaufe of thegloryof God, or for Poch motives that motives ofall. Gods worddoth require : The Pharifees how glorious inpraiers, fallings and alms, out aftions yet all they didwas aròs ad bw s.s tobe on a Theater and admiredby others ap- and lau(e: Thisispenetratinganddifcoversthoufandsofhypocrites : ehu,whomore heavenly. p zealous then he ? who more altive in reformation 2 yet t was not Gods glory he armed at, but his own greatneff . Mandan cadaver eft, erpercutes earnpent canes, faith the ArabickProverb, The world is a careaffe, and thofe that hunt after it are dogs ; Oh how few then are Chrifts (beep, who are guided by dire& and fincere motives, following Chrift becaufe of his precious ointment. All gloriousa&i- 5. ariawithout pure ends, are like fweec herbs upon a noifome dunghill. Sincerity 5. Vprightneffe is when aman is very diligent and confcientioue to interned ditties 1lsews4 fdfby orfecret,to perform them,andin.flirituallorbeart finsandfecretlullstoavoidthem; bcin cant[;- god is a.ffirie and soh, 4. he feekeeh friththat worfhip him in truth and slirit; and enúcus rya , Paul