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Go#el ReinfSion. mercy of God it was a bleffed thing ; where is that bl ffed- nefs you fpake of, that after you have received it, you fhould grow wanton, bole, and flight ? What, have you not a mightier Argument todraw your hearts to God, after he bath fpoken peace , than ever you had before ? The apprehenfion ofguilt, danger, and trouble of f irit for fin, that was an Argu- ment to keep you from fin before ; but if God have fpoken peace, in applying this pardoning grace ; Have you not Argu- ments, of another nature than thefe, which are far more pow- erful ? Certainly, thofe that know the grace of God in Chrift, know that there is no fuch powerful argument as the graceof God in Chrift in pardoning fin, to keepup the heart with God, and to keep from fit as this , no fuch argument in the world that is like to this ; the eyeingof Gods grace is a fpecial thing to quench and keep down luft ; whereas thofe that fin after this mercy, whofe lofts and corruptions overcome the pow- er of this pardoning mercy , they are deprived of the belt and molt fp cial fpiritual helps, that can be io keep from fin ; Phil. 4.7.7he peace of God which paffeth all underfbanding(hall keepyour hearts and minds in Chrtf' fofiu ; the word in the O- riginal is very fignificant, shall guard your hearts ; this is the emphaticalnefs of the phrafe;as ifthe Apoftiehad faid,The f veer peace ofGod,isfuck as paf°th underftanding, and (hall guard your hearts ; as indeed the peace of God that comes to flow out from the fweetnefs of the pardoning grace of God is fuch, as paffeth underflanding ; but yet after all this, there will be many dangers and you are to be involved with many tempta- tions ; but this peace of God will be a guard to your fouls, to keep you from fin and temptation : The foul of a Believer that bath peace fpoken to it, is there compared to a Captain in War, or a Prince, that apprehends himfelfin fome danger, fets a ftrong guard about his Perfon to keep him frof i danger Now what is the guard that keeps the foul of a Believer from temptation and danger ? It is the peace of God, that is the greateft and ftrongeft guard in the world ; if you complain of fin and temptations, and that you are afraid that fin will furprize you ; What guard would you have ó keepyou ? The peace of God i6 the Gel guard that can be : Now after this- 9