Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

GoJpel krn fsiorz. 123 Spirit , nor the warm beams of Gods mercy fhining into their hearts ; they were never acquainted with fuch things ; and therefore though they go on in fin, after which they have been accuftomed, 'tis not fo much to be wondred at : But thou that haft had a tart of the fweetnefs of Gods love in Chrift , in pardoning mercy ; for thee to fin after this, 'tis a grea- ter aggravation than the fins of the other ; and as Lis a grea- ter aggravation than the fins of the wicked , fo thy fin goes more near to the heart of Chrift than the fins of the wick- ed and ungodly do ; the fins of the molt prophaneft wretch in all the Town do not go fo near to the heart of Chrift , as thofe that are committed after receipts of mercy from Chrift ; What, you my fons to do thus and thus againft me ? I remember 'Lis reported of Cafar, when many with their Poinyards came about him, andfab'd him in the Senate-Haufe, at length comes Brutus,whom he had done much goodfor, he comes and gives him a blow,he look:d upon him, and cries out ; What, thou my fon Brutus,wilt thougive me ablow andflab ? It went nearer to the heart of Cafar, to have Brutus come and give him a wound and flab, than for all the other that came round about and ftab'd him ; fo Chrift may look upon thee, for whom he has purchas'd pardon,fhed his blood, and laid down his life for ; What, thou my fon, wilt thou fin againft me ? for wicked wretches that are firangers to him, no marvel if they fin againft him ; but for you that are his fns , his redeemed ones, that have received fuch pardoning grace and mercy ; for you to fin , this goes to the heart of Chrift more than the fins of the ungodlyeft wretch in all the Parifh. And would you not be loth to do more againft Chrift than the víleft wretch in the Parifh ? you that have received fo much mercy from Chrift. Further, other mens fins anger God,but no mens fins grieve the f#rit of Godfo, as thefins of thofe that have received pardon ; they go to the heart ofGod, andgrieve the Spirit by which they are fealed; the Spirit of God that bath fealed to your fouls the pardon of your fins, let not that Spirit be grieved ; 'tis a greeter fin to grieve the blefl'ed Spirit of God than you are aware cf. Further, yet once more, you bring a difvrace upon o - the e R z