Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

128 Gojpel Remfsion. Thirdly, Thou di.fhonoureft the pardoninggrace of God, by having low thoughtsofit,becatafe it is contrary to theScriptures. For the main (cope of all the Scriptures is to magnifie the pardoning grace of God, and to fet it out in its greatnefs to thy foul, and thou mak'ft it thy main work to undervalue it. Lutherfags, thefcope of the whole Scriptures are but this , that wemight knowand acknowledgeGod to be a gracious and merciful God ; and agreater than Luther fpeaks this ; that is anotable Text of Scripture in the Aets of the Apoftles io. 42, 43. And he commandedus topreach unto the people, and to teftifie, it is he that was ordained of God to be the fudge of CQickand Dead. To himgive all the Prophets witnefs, that through his name whofoever believeth inhimfhall receive remit- f :onoffins. Mark, to him give all the Prophets witnefs, that through his name , whofoever believeth in him (hall receive re- mi(fon of fins : So that it is the fcope and intention of all the Prophets, to witnefs this to. a poor foul, that whofoever be- lieves in him (hall receive remiflïon of fin : You will fay, whofoever believes on him, but there is all the Qeftion ; but thou hindreft thy feif of believing, thou wouldft have affurance before thou doff believe, thou muff believe that thou mayeft have it, that is, thou muff venture and call: thy foul upon this grace of God ; all the Prophets witnefs this , that whofoever believes on him (hall receive remiffion of fins ; therefore by thy fitting down in thefe fullen difcou- raging thoughts of thy heart , thou giveft a lye to all the Prophets of God , thou giv'ft not a lye only to our preach- ing, for certainly fo it is, God fees it fo, but to all the Pro- phets of God : now when God makes it the work of all the Prophets to witnefs forgivenefs of fins by Chrift , wilt thou make it thy work to object againff it ? Again, Know that thy reafonings are quite contrary to the Scriptures, for thou reafoneft, that pardoning mercy will not be thine, becaufe thy fins are fo great, Pfal. 25. I I. Da- vid cries to God to pardon his iniquities for they are great, he makes the greatnefs ofhis fins, an argument to drive him to God,not from God,and this is Gods own argument, Gen.8. 21. Iwill not again curfe the Ground any morefor mansfake ; why? for