Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

tp, Goffei qQmfsson. you : therefore keep it before your eyes, Pfal, g. 3. There !s an excellent expreflion ; In the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee , and will lookup. I fuppoi:e many of you in the morning will not negle& prayer to God ; but mark the expreflìon, I will dirc&t my Prayer ; 'Tis not I will fay my prayers, but dire& my prayer, there's a great emphafis in it. I will level my Prayer aright, and dart up my foul aright to Heaven, and obferve the way that God would have me ; and fo dire&my heart in prayer to him. It may be fame of you go thus far, not to content your felves with a dead-hearted fluggifh Prayer : But what do you look to all the day after ? what Inall wandring and difcouraging thoughts bring you to look down all the day ?. Would you look up to your morning Prayers, and what you prayed for, there would come a great deal ofefficacy upon your fouls. Thirdly, Be careful to seepyour hearts ftirring and aElive, be afraid of deadnefs and dulnefs ;. take heed of fuch thoughts, Why fhould Ipray and dread, when as 1 have no heart to. perform any duty : Up and be doing,and the Lord be with you ; if ever your hearts were a&ive at any thing in the world, it ought to be in this, if once you give your (elves liberty to lyedown, and the a&ivity of your Spirits be gone, you are in a fad condition, 'twill be very difficult to get them up again take heed of a. fullen heart, you may be very ae`live, and yet calm, quiet, and patient, there's a great con:- iun&ion between thefe two, when I am a&ive and yet calm, Rifling ofmy heart under God .and yet ftirring of my heart unto God,thefe two are joyned together in thofe whom God dire&s unto himfelf. Fourthly, Renew thy refolutions, that what ever becomes of thee, whether God will ever fpeak peace or no to thee,y;t fo long as thou liveft, thou will do what thou_ canft, to honour his name, and keep from. fin : Keep thy heart under the power ofthis refolution. Fifthly, Keep thyheart in Awaitingframe,ufe the means, lye er the Poole,as the man that lay many yeataiting for the fir- ring of the Waters, met with help at ; fo do thou keep thy heart in awaiting frame, and think with thy felf if mercy, come.