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Ga./pet Tomßioys. 177 your converfation among all with whom you have to do, and then what a beauty and Evidence 9f your Juflification would it be unto you ? Sixthly, 2hofe whomGod pardons,he makes them know what pardon means ; thouhopeft thy fins are pardoned ; Dolt thou underfland, and know what hath been faid about it ? ceri tainly thofe whomGod pardons, he caufes admiring thoughts in the foul of the excellency of this bleffednefs of the par- don of fin ; the foul is taken with the admiration of three things. Firft, it admiresat thefreenefs and the riches of Gods grace. Secondly,at the price that was paidfor pardon.Thirdly, It admires at the wonderful good it is brought into, and that which the foul receives by this bleffednefs ofthepardon of fin i other things God may beftow on men and women, and they the not worth of them, and do not mind God in them ; but when God bellows pardon of fin, he makes the foul have admiring thoughts of ir, and to know what it is, Jer. 3 3. 9. And itfhall be to mea Name of joy, a praife, and honour , and they(hall fear and tremble, for all the goodnefs and profJerity that 1 procure unto it ; certainly if others fhall do it, much more themfelves ; thofe whom God pardons he beftows fuch mercies upon, as that the foul fhall even ftand amazedwith a trembling heart and an amazed fpirit , tobehold all the good- nefs that the LordThews to it : Now, have your hearts been taken with it ? you may know much of your Evidences if your hearts have been taken with admiring thoughts of it ; for certainly when God pardons fin, he doth it to magnifie his grace, and let out to Men and Angels in the infinitenefs of ir, what his grace can do to poor fouls ; if this be Gods end, as certainly it is, then it nwft needs be that thofe whom God pardons , he gives fuch grace as fhall caufe the foul that it (hall have admiring thoughts of it ; Has thy foul feen fo much of the grace of God, that it admires at the great- nefs and goodnefs of it ? be of good comfort, thy fins are pardoned. Seventhly, The moreaffaranee Godgives ofpardon, the more the heart melts before God in mourningfor thefins that God has pardoned, according to the manifeftation of Gods mercy in A a pardoning,