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Gofel iktnifsion. i79 Eighthly, Another note is this, that according to the degree ofpardon offin,fo all other graces grow ; the knowledge and affurance ofGods love in Chrift in the pardon of fin, it caufes all other graces to grow proportionably , as you have it in Ephef. 3. 19. about the knowledge of the love of God in Chrift ; mark the connetlion, he deliires That they might com- prebend tvith all Saints what is the height ,anddepth, &c. and to l_tow the love of Chrift which paffeth knowledge, andbe filled with all thefulnefs ofGod; What is the love of Chrift ? the love of Chrift is the procuring caufe dale forgivenefs of tin be- fore God the Father_ ; and when you know this , this will fill you with all the fulnefs ofGod : Mark, fir it It brings God in to the foul ; And fecòndly, Fills the foul with God ; And thirdly, Fills thefoul with the fulnefs ofGod ; And fourthly, Fills thefoul with all the fulnefs of God ; when you come to know the love of God in Chrift, if any thing in the world will fill the foul with all the fulnefs of God, this will : many will fay, they hope their fins are pardoned ; Do you fo ? then you know the love of God in Chrifl ; for this is a fpecial . work of the love of God in Chrift ; to pardon fin ; now the Apof ie fays , when you come to know this, you come to be filled with all the fLlncfs of God; What is the fulnefs of God ? as faith increafes with the refl of the graces, fo you grow fuller and fuller in Gods fulnefs ; and fo you grow more into a fuller affuranceof pardon of fin : now the foul can fay, as I find more affurance of the love of God in his Son -, fo I find my foul more filled with this grace of the fulnefs of God. Alas, when I was under the Law, God and I were ftrangers I felt little of God in me ; but now I begin to know the love ofGod in the Gofp;l ,I begin to have my foul filled with the fulnefs of God, not with chaff and drofs and filthy things which heretofore my thoughts, will, and affeaions were filled withal ; but now 'Lis otherwife with me , my foul is now filled with all the fulnefs of God ; certainly that foul that can fay thus, may well go away with that word of Chrift fpoken to thewoman, Luke7.5o. Go in peace, thy fai h hath Plied thee. Rom.S. r. The Apoftle _fpeaks of pardon of fn , being juflifiedby Faith,we have peace with God , that,is, God A a g