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Gojpel kmfsion. i8t Meeknefs, Patience, Self-denyal , Heavenly-mindednefs and the like; certainly, if thy faith be fo high, and thy other graces fo low, thou haft much caufe to fear thy faith is not right, 'tis not thefaith of GodsElect, as the Scripture fpeaks it is not precious faith ; for according to the,; degree you have of that, all other graces will grow ; you hope that your fins are pardoned, How come you by it ? the foul that bath true pardon of fin, hath fetch'd it fromHeaven in a right way, in Gods own way ; How is that ? it is on this wife the foul that fees it feif loft and undone through the guilt of fin, God revealing his infinite riches of grace in the Gofpel , fuch a foul feeing God on his Throne, holding out his Son, God-Man as Mediator to make an attonement, it by a mighty work of faith, clofes with that glorious way of Reconciliation by the Son, that it fees God the Father tender to him, and fo fetches grace out of the Treafury ofGods bounty , in the way of the Gofpel, in an Evangelical way that was before opened. Ex- amine now,Have you fetch'd out your pardon through the way of the Gofpel, that the foul by a mighty act of faith bath been willing to venture it feif and its eternal Ration on the Son of God ? Haveyou look'd on Chrift as a mighty Media- tor, as one able to fave you ? then you have acted faith in a Gofpel way, and your fins are pardoned : Again, Are you pardoned ? then youare fealed , that you heard likewife of; there is the Broad Seal of Heaven that Ramps the Image of God upon the foul , as the Image of the King is on the Seal of the Kingdom ; fo the Image of God , the Broad Seal of Heavers is flamp'dupon the foul, which 1 mention that you may make ufe of it in examination. Ninthly, Whomfoever God pardons, there will be an anfwer; able workin thy foul unto the work of God in juftifying thee ; as in Election and Vocation, fo in Juftification ; How is that ? thus, that as God notwithftanding all thy fin, accepts of thee to his grace and love ; fo notwithftanding all the trouble and afftic`tions that are in Gods ways , thou wilt accept of God and his ways ; he accepts of thy foul not- withftanding thy fin, thou wilt accept of him and his wayes notwithftanding all evils and afíli&ions that ac- A a 3 company