Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

Gold Xemßion. 183 given ; fuch a one hash offended me ; but how much more have I offended the Lord ; and it the Lord forgive me , ought not I to forgive him ? you know in the Gofpel he that had fo many Talents forgiven him , and afterwards went and took . his Brother by the throat, how ill the Lord took it, that having forgiven him fo much , he fhould exact of his Brother the utmoft farthing ; Hath God for- given thee thy fin, which had he not, it would have ever- laftingly chained thee in torments , and wilt nit thou. forgive ? for as it is an Evidence, fo it is a duty and a part of Prayer in that divine Diretory called the Lords Prayer, Math.6. Forgive ;44 as we forgive ; and in another place it runs thus, forgive, for we forgive therefore thou can'ft have no Evidence that Gad bath forgiven thy ini- quities and pardoned thy trefpafl'es, except others be in. thy thoughts forgiven too ;. I might have given divers Scriptures , but I mention it as a duty , that you that have any knowledge of your fin pardoned , would make this as a ground to forgive your Brethren ; fay, Alas poor wretch, bath God forgiven me ; was there ever fuch a diftance be- tween my brother and me , as there was between God and me ; and hash God forgiven, and Mall not I forgive my bro- ther ? It is impof able a foul fhould be made acquainted with the rich mercy of God in forgivenefs of fin, andhave not a meek fpirit to forgive his brother ; Nothing can take away the rugged fowrnefs and rigidnefs of one man towards ano- ther, but the Oil of Gods grace in pardoning of fin; and that coming once into the foul , makes the foul to be of a fweet, mild, gentle, kind and tender frame ; Obferve this, you that have rugged natures, you fay it is nature, and you cannot help it, if any thing change it, it is the mercy of God in pardoning thy fin ; is there not fo much in the grace of God in pardoning thy fin, as to change that rugged nature of thine ? certainly there is elfe thou haft little hope that thy fin is pardoned ; therefore if God bath pardoned thee , * Note the thou muff go and do fo likewife. I am perfwaded many of you Ggns were hood and longed for this * Sermon, and I defired to be the 5'en forth in one Sera larger won.