Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

Go.Jpel Rqmifsiora. 8q ever befel thee, and there is nothing elfe that thou letteft thy heart run out unto , but thou art longing to get thy heart in- to that blefhed frame that thou waft in heretofore ; then certainlypeace be unto thee ; thou art to look back upon what thouhaft had heretofore , and wait upon God for his return again, for he will come, and thy foul (hall rejoyce again yin him ; As that Martyr Mr. Glover, a little before he Jufer d, the Spirit ofGodfeem'd to leave him, and he was in extreai darknefs, andhad no feeling of any Evidence of Gods love to him, yt he was to dye the next day,and all his Evidences were ílßß' in his own apprehenfion,yet hisfriends told him, that God wouldappear,and defred him to give them famefign, if God did come unto him ; that night he was in darknefs,and until the Of- ficers came to carryhim to the Stake, he hadyet no fenfe or evi- dence ofGods love, but when he was tyed to the Stake, he cryed out, He is come, He is come : fo that you muff not argue, be caute you have no pre-tent fenfe, that therefore youhave no evi- dence of your good condition ; but if you have had it hereto- fore, you may build upon it that your Rate is good, although you have no prefent fenfe ; that is the fecond Rule. The third rule is this, To helpyou how to make tife of figns whenyen wouldput yourfelves on tryal, you muff take heed you do not call' your Eftatesfor the tryal of your felves on times of .temptations ; judge not of your eftates by what you find and feel in times of temptation, for they are very unfit times to de- termine your condition upon a tryal then , as when tempta- tions are exceeding ftrong, and horrour and fear comes into the foul and perhaps forne here may know what I mean , when I (peak of horrour and fear coming in ftrongly upc rt them, then it is a time that you had rather need to call upon God, and fall down upon your knees to Prayer , than to look to the tryal and examination of you felves at that time It is with many in this cafe as it hath been with fome that have been ftruck with horrour of death before the Judge , and have had the Book given them to read , though they have been good Scholars, and able to read before, yet when the horrour of death hath been fo upon them they have not been able to read one word ; and fo it is with many of i Gods