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Gofiiel e)i11072. l 3 muff take the debt upon your felf, you mutt be their Surety, and you mutt enter into Bonds co pay every farthing of what debt the fanners owe, you mint pay all if you will undertake for theta, fo it is, for will never come upon themfelves for it, but on you : C,rta my there are there tranfac`tions between God the Father, and God the Son, from all eternity about the pardoning of any fin, however you commit a fin, and think not of it,and cry, Lord have mercy upon me, and fo you have dine with ir, there's an end, you think that is all : But I fay unto thee, if thy fia be pardoned, Chrift muft take the debt upon himfelf, arid be thy Surety, a Cor. 5. 21. Fie made` him to be fan fir its that knew nofin ; the way ofpardon is by a tranflation of all our fins up- on Chrift, Chrift himfelfGod blefed for ever, the Delight of the Fa her muft be made fin for the foul that bath finned ; con- fider this, all the fins thou haft committed, if ever they be par- doned, they mutt be by vertue of the Covenant between God the Father and the Son : all thy fins mull .be tranfmitted on Chrift, all thy oaths, drunkennefs, and wickednefs muff be put upon him, and he muft Rand charged with them all : Oh you that are fo laviíh in fin, and take fuck liberty to do wickedly I fay, if ever thy fin be pardoned, it mutt be laid on his shoul- ders, run onus fait as.thou wilt, ifever thou be'ft Paved, at the beft, yet thy fin mutt be fet on him, and charg'd upon his fcore. I remember that, expreffion ofNathan toDavid, z Sam.I2,13. The Lordbathpit away thyfin, the words are to be read out of the Original, The Lordbath made thy fin to pafsover, to pafs over from thee unto his Son,he hath laid them to his'charge. This. is the fecond myfterie in point of Juftification, thou a poor foul !landeft charged with thy fin, andart in danger of eternal damnation, rather than thou fhouldft eternally perifh, God is contented topafs over thy fins upon his own Son. Now they mutt needs be blefhed that God does fo much for, and know thou if ever thy fin be pardoned, God does do fo much for thee. Of the third Myfterie, It is by ChriftsSufferings.. 5. Where ever fin is pardoned, Chritl.ftands charged not only with the fin, but to fuffer as much puniíhment for thy fin C 3 as