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Gopel eritifsíosa. 9 and juftice of God in the forgivenefs of a fanner. Many people when they Peek for pardon of fin, they only think of Gods infinite grace and mercy, but not of his juftice : But certainly, who ever he be that comes to be pardoned, God (hews himfelf infinitely juft as well as merciful ; that he is merciful,that is clear to everyone : But how does it appear he is fo infinitely juft ? for that there is a clear Text for it, Rom. 3.a6. To declare at this time his righteoufnefs that hemight be juft, and the juflifier of him which believeth in :fefus ; fo that God in the juftifying of him that believes in Chrift, is juft as well as merciful. Now then poor finner, lay thefe together, that God fhould work fo ftrangely in bringing about the pardon of thy fin in fuck a myfterious way as this is ; certainly it does demonftrate that thou art a bleffed man ; I befeech you think of what bath been faid, and lay it inyour breafts ; go away with this upon your fpirits, Lord, I indeed heard much of the evil of fin, and that it was a greater evil than ever I thought it to be, and now I have begun to hear of the mighty work ofGod in pardonof fin, I hope I fhall for ever retain higher thoughts of it than - before. Brethren, there is nothing in the world that people have fliáhter thoughts of, than of the pardon and forgivenefs Of fin, they think it a flight matter. But if there were any work that ever took up the heart of God from all eternity, and Thews God to be a God, it is this about the pardon of fin ; this is a great doc`frine, the doctrine of the workof God in the ju- ftification of a firmer, 'tis one of the greateft Doc`frines inDi- vinity, and therefore that you might fan tifie the NameofGod in it, and give him that glory that is due in this great work, it is L needful to fearch, that we may find out what is the work ofGod in it. Of the ninth Myfterie, When God forgives fin, for the ¡ire- fens, he forgivesall to come. g. The ninthMyfterie is this, and this may feem one of the ffrangeft of all, When Godforgives afanner any one finfor the prefent,he likewifeforgives hint all thefins that ever hePall corn- D z wit