Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

GOSPEL q,EMISSIO1òl, Or a rREA rI S E fhe« ing, t1,at TRUE BLESSEDNESS CONSISTS IN Pardon of Sin. Wherein is DiCcovered Many Carpel Myfleries therein Contained. (wax E'Teasproceedingfrom it. Th° Great Mifakes made about it. PrueSigns and symptomes of it. Wily and Means to obtain it. By Jeremiah Burroughs. Being leverai Sermons Preached immediately after aloft of Thz Evil of Sin by the fame Author. And nowPublic ed by William Adderly,, wiEiarnGreenhill, Matth. Mead. williamBridge, C. ,Tlrlmes. ein if)eeanb sattion. The Inhabitant Mall not fay, Iam fck : the People that dwell therein (hallbeforgiven their Iniquities, Ifai. 3 London, Printed for Dor. Newman, and are to be fold at his Shop at the Kings Arms in the PonTy. z 674.