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x.8 GoJ t'l Rer - f sign. upon himfeif, and fuffer as muchpunillntent as we.fhould have done in Hall :ó all eternity ; and to make the foul Rand righteous before God, yet this righteoufnefs to be in another,. yea, a near union is tirade between Chrift and the Soul : A< yet further, it is by faith, and yet boafting is excluded ; and God is infinite- ly rnercifial,and yet infinitely juft ; and when he pardons one fin, he layes in a pardon for all fin for time to corne, juftifies the un- godly, pardons fin, yet ptirchafes the pardon : Thefe eleven Me- ditations about the Pard, n ofSin make it appear to be a wonder- ful work of God ; puz thefe together, and then the refúlt ac- cord.i.g to the point will be clear and full ; that, Bleffed is that rrrai whcfe fins are forgiven : And furely iftherebe fuch a myfle- rioùs and glorious work of God in pardoning fin ; that man for whom God (hall work fuch a glorious work is a bleffed man indeed. And now having done with this Argument of the great myftcrieofGodlinefs in forgivenefs ofSin ; I proceed to ano- thr, and it is this : CHAP: I V. mrThat Pardon of Sin net only is a Mercy in it felf,, but the Foun- dation of many other Mercies. 4. Argun Ardon ofSin makes a manbleffed ; Why ? Becaufe it is the ment. Fcundation,pf abundance ofother Mercies; it is an inlet to many other mercies,therefore agreat mercy ; it is a lèading mer- cy, it is as the Qieen of Mercy, that bath a great and glorious train of other mercies attending on her ; indeed, it is the very foundation of all the mercies of the Covenant of grace, it is the principal mercy , and the very foundation of all the mercies that are in the Covenant, and the inlet andopening to them all ; the Covenant ofGrace is a rich Treafury, hash abundant ftore ofmercy in it, and this opens to them all : The current of all Gods mercies was ftopt by mans fin ; though-sod had an inft-- nite Ocean of mercy , yet the fource and vent of all Gods mercies was ftopt. Now, when God pardons fin, he takes away the ftop,_ and opens the flute, that his infinite grace and goodnefs?