Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

Gojpel hvenzfsion, 49 from the gates of Hell it feif. Be of good comfort oh foul, thy fns are forgiven thee,': fa. ß}.o.2. Spealyou comfortably to her,fe her iniquities arepardoned : Godcalls to comfort her when h iniquities are pardoned , this is the foundation of all true cum fort : if you lay any other foundation to build your comforts on, certainly that building will totter and come to nothing, if this-be not the foundation : You would fain have comfort, and you are every onelooking out for comfort . and indeed it is as natural.f;r the foul of man to fee k for comfort , as it is for the fire to burn : th:re's no man but would fain have co-nfort ; now look, to the foundation, ifyou would not have the build- ing totter, lava good foundation Manylay the foundation o r their comforts in their fins , and others in the creatures ; but thou muft muft lay it in the pardon of thyfn: in ' he free grace of God juffifying thy foul, and that buildingwill hold ; lay it there and thou (halt be comfor.'ted here and for e""er hereafter. And thus we shave done with that Particular , That Pardon of Sin is a great mercy, becaufe it is a foundation and inlet to many other mercies : Bleffed is the man that ha -b his -iniquities for- given, that hath fuch a grand mercy, upon whiéh many other mercies follow. CHAP. V. Of Pardoning Mercypaffing through a great many difficulties. Lefjed is the man that hath hisfnsforgiven; for indeed,it is a mercy that pages through many dtfficulties before it comes to the foul; and that that pafl'eth through many difficulties is ftrong and,great indeed, and therefore makes the man bleffed, becaufe it is grace that doth pats through many difficulties it is an argument of a great deal of ftrength of grace, when grace fhall pafs through many difculties ; as it is anargument ofthe great ftrength of fin, when it paflles through many ¿lifñ- culties to bring forth ; a foul being fet upon fin, there "lies a H great s. Argu- ment.