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58 GoTel Rpyiifsion. favour In that Chapter, Verf. 9. He that is born of Goddoth not commitfn. And V.19.Hereby we know we are of the Truth,and jhail affure our hearts before him and he that keepeth his Com- mandments, dwelleth in him, and he in him, that's another fign, and jeer. 24. but the concltdion ofall is this ; Herebywe IZz4w that he abideth inus, by the Spirit which he hathgiven us it is the Holy Ghcft muft convince and fatisfie the foul,) Gods love: many there are that would fain have their fins pardoned, and would fain have fotríe figns of it ; and perhaps I may hereafter give fume figns. But nowknow,that all the figns in the world will not ferve to quiet the heart, but that it may return again to its former doubts, till God come to pacifie the fpirit by the witnefs of the Holy Ghoft ; for it is fo great amatter, whereonce the S';ul underftands the infini:e breach made between God and it by fn, that it muft needs be more than an ordinary work to afire the Soul of Gods Reconciliation to it, and nothing can do it fa- tisíu torily but the Holy Gcft ; he muft come to the Soul to af- fure it of this thing : perhaps the cafe of a poor Soul is thus ; Suppofe a Prifoner in Goal lyes bound in fetters for fome great offence againft his Prince, and fome friend comes and tells him there is hope of pardon : Oh, fayes he, 'Lis too good news to be true ; well, another comes to the grate of the Prifon, and tells that he hears from theCourt, the King bath foaled Pardons, and put fuch a ones name in, this is forne comfort ; but yet this frees him not from fears and doubtings. But now, fuppofe the Favourite of the Prince comes from the King himfelf, one that is of the Kings Bed-chamber, and one to whom the King opens his whole foul, and nothing the King doth but he is ac- quainted with it ; he comes to this poor man, and bids him be of good comfort, I come from the King, and bring you a Par- don from him, {hews it him, and fayes there it is, take it Oh this revives his fpirit, when fuch a fpecial Meffenger is fent unto him : fo in this cafe I may compare all figns to be like force friend or other, that goes by the grate, and fpeaks of the happi- nefs of fuch a man that he is pardoned ; but the foul is under .fuch blindnefs and fears, by reafon of the guilt offin,that God khcws it is no eafie matter to perfwade it of pardon : But now God for the comfort of there that he intends good will unto, fends his