Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

Go1pel Remfsion. Godbath in it, that their deftruetion might fet out the excel- lency of the gloryofhis grace thee. o When Limner curious would" draw a Scutcheon, or a Piture in Or, any lours, he layes the ground -work in black, and then the beauty of the other colours will thereby molt appear : thou oh foul that haft thy fin pardoned, know that God layes the ground-work of thy mercy in theblack difrnal deftruc4ion of multitudes of un- godly finners,he gives them their due,that that is their right ; but the ultimate aim of God in it rifes to this, that their deftruc`li- on may make the brightnefs of his glorious grace appear the more glorioufly to them that are Paved ; that the Saints whofe fins God hath pardoned, may in Heaven have this argument to praife his grace fomuch the more, becaufe they are culledout of the mafs and multitude of fanners that are damned ; this will mightily inflame thehearts of Saints in giving God glory in Heaven, when they íhall fee fo many thoufands and millions of thoufands cafe down to eternal deftruction ; that God fhould do this to fet off the riches of his grace to them : Howwill this inflame their hearts ingivingGodglory, and this God aims at as the top ofhis glory that hemight have a company to be the eter- nal objets of the riches of his grace ; and this thews the bafe and low account God hath of wicked men, that he lets them perifh eternally, that he might magnifie the glory of his grace toScants. Whatwh when it of the he is content that fo greatnefs ercy to Saints, many thoufands of m others íhall peri h, that his mercy to themmay more glorioufly appear ? As when a Prince hath aChild born, that he might fhew hishonour to the Child in folemnizing the Chriftning of the Child ; it may be thoufands of Oxen andSheep thall lofe their lives in the folemnizing of the joy the Prince hath in his Child : If the Solemnity ofthe Joy the Prince bath in that little Infant may be the caufe of thoufands of creatures lofing their lives, this thews the dear refpeft he bath tohis Child, or elfe he would never let fo many creatures go to the Shambles, but that hemight thew his refpe& to his little Infant : So fayes God, there is ahandful of People that Ihave thoughts to do goodto, to all eternity, and . I have fet my heart upon them ; and that I may maniteft the greatnefs of my mercy to them, I will