Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

84 Goffel Xemisiotz. wont to do ? he gave him this anfwer,fayes he, I cannot live,and what f all Inow think.of uncleannefs and fornication ? Iam in dangerofmy life,and I havenow no time to thinkpf. uch thins; and that helpt and cured his thoughts : from this we may fee,that ifa foul was pofieft ofThe evil offin, and thedanger ofcondem- nation,thenecellity and great .confequenceof a pardon ; what a rnighty means would it be to take off your thoughts from other things,and turn them upon this;and certainly, who ever you are, whofe thoughts are not mightily taken up about this great fubjec`t of the pardon of your fins, you take the name ofGod in vain,and do not ffanaifie him in this great work,of has; and know this,you that fpend your dayes fleeping in fecurity, your damnation fleeps and (lumbers not; and untill your fin be pardoned,the infinite ju- ftice ofGod is working your doom,for the full fatisfadion of it, that is the ftrft thing they diíhonour God in that go on in fecure ceurfes without minding fuch a great thing as the pardon offin is. Secondly,Others difhonaur God,who infiteadofmaking it their great bufnefs in thisworld toget theirfin pardoned,they make it their great workto increafe theguilt offin, by heaping up more and more guilt,and fo make the flame greater,and add to it conti- nually. You would think it a very unreafonable and defperate thing in a man,that being condemned to force greivous &dreadrul death, yet there being a pardon propounded and force poflibility of it, & a friend for this very end get a Reprieval of the King for two or three days,that hemight have time to fue out his Pardon; fuppofe fuch a thing : Now then, if this man in this time of Re- prieval that is given for this very end,to feek a Pardon,fhould call for good cheer and mufck,merriment and fporting,andnot only fo, but fall into railing againít the Prince, increafehis guilt, and provoke the Prince more and more againft him ; Would not every man fay, this man is worthy of the greateft extream tor- mentingeft death that could be devifed ? Nay, I fuppofe, thould you hear of fuch an onecondemned to die, and had his life given him for this very end, you would think, furely this man will . fpend thefe dayes in another manner than ever he fpent his time before': you that would think fo offuch a man, it may be force of you, before the Lord this day are guilty of the fame evil, for this is a certain truth, that all the men in the world have been condemn'd